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Ugeat Hair Products

Why Ugeat Sell Salon Quality Hair at Such a Low Price?

What Kind of Hair does Ugeat Use? Are They Real Human Hair?

Do Ugeat Hair Extensions Damage My Real Hair?

Are the Ends Thin or Thick?

Does it Stay Straight After Wash?

Does it Shedding and Tangle?

How Many Hairs Do I Need to Make a Full Head?

How Can I Choose Suitable Color?

How Long Do Ugeat Hair Last?

How to Wash and Care

How to Wash My Ugeat Hair?

How Often Do I Need to Wash My Ugeat Hair?

Can I Dye the Hair?

Can I Curl the Hair?

Can I Sleep with my Hair Extensions?

Can I Swim with the Hair Extensions?

Shipping Problem

How Long Does it Take to My Address?

Do You Provide Free Shipping?

Where Do you Ship From?

Payment Problem

Have a problem when I pay with my credit card