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2022 fall hair color trends

2022 fall hair color trends

2022 fall hair color trends

You wanna get rid of the same old routine? The easiest way is to change your hair color! Fall has arrived, do you still have the summer trend color? Come on! Being informed about this year’s most popular fall hair color trends will make you decide faster and easier about which hair color you want to have in the upcoming season. We’ve done a little research for you, and we came with some fresh ideas! In this article, you will find some popular autumn hair colors that will be on top this autumn. So what are you waiting for?

1. Classic chocolate brunette

When it comes to autumn, it is necessary to mention the classic chocolate brown hair, no matter what time of year, brown hair and the cold season is always the best match. If you are thinking about changing your hair color this autumn but don’t want a dye job that’s too extreme, consider this natural brunette the happy solution for you. This color is just perfect for the cozy autumn days, and is not a dramatic change if you already have a dark hair color.

balayage blonde hair

2. Off black

After talking about the classic brown, you can't leave out the black! If you are tired of blonde hair all this summer, then go back to black hair, with red lipstick and coat, the most classic fall collocation has been achieved by you! Whether it's curly or straight, black hair is always so mysterious and gentle.

ombre human hair extensions

3. Caramel balayage

What is the hottest hair color this year? Balayage, of course! This caramel hair tone requires low maintenance and promotes a very natural look. That’s why it is one of the best fall hair colors in 2022. It is glamorous, versatile,  flattering, and fits well on almost all kinds of skin colors and face shapes. If you’re looking to feel more confident, this autumn hair color will make you feel like you can conquer the world.

white hair extentions remy

4. Champagne tone

Although the tone is still blonde. But this warm color will make your hair unique, no matter to what event you’ll show up this autumn. The subtle golden tones will perfectly match the fall nature’s colors, so there you go with a special look.

remy hair extensions headband

5. Warm espresso

You’d order a tall iced coffee in the summer, but a hot espresso drink in the fall, are we right? Warmer fall hair colors will continue to be a huge fall trend in 2022—think of espresso brown hair color as your way to cozy up to a deep brown shade. It’s an autumnal spin-off of cool coffee brown hair color, if you will. Raise a cup to Shay Mitchell’s gorgeous dark hue.

remy hair extensions ash blonde

6. Chunky highlights

Highlights are always in, but much like 2022 fashion, this timeless hairstyle is getting a ‘90s upgrade. Stripey highlights look ultra-modern and fall-ready paired with bangs, Doc Martens, a slouchy beanie, fingerless gloves and an oversized cardigan. We love these piecey highlights in every hair color shade—red hair, dark hair, brown hair, blonde hair—just remember to ask your colorist to keep your highlights thick and chunky to create that very ‘90s contrast.

extensions with highlights

7. Auburn hair color

Classy, elegant and flattering, auburn is the champagne blonde of red hair color. Because it’s a reddish-brown hair color, it’s easy to wear and can be created from a wide range of existing hair colors, from dark brown to medium brown to blonde.

real hair hair extensions

8. Cinnamon spice balayage 

Cinnamon balayage is still a major hair color trend for fall 2022. Naturally-blended, well-placed warmer, spicier strands will help make your skin look glowing...and everyone loves a pop of red hair color. Even better? This trend is as low maintenance as it gets, with a forgiving grow out and intentionally lived in look. Plus, it flatters all hair colors, from chestnut brown to caramel, honey, russet or espresso. When has adding a little red hot cinnamon flavor ever been a bad thing?

thick hair extensions


It’ s important to know: the most beautiful hair color trend is the one that fits you the best. Therefore, those 2022 fall hair color trends are here to inspire you and prepare you to look like a superstar on the red carpet this autumn!

I really hope you’ve found some interesting, inspiring ideas in this women’s hair color trends list. While those ideas may seem to be a radical change for some of you, I promise it’s worth trying them. Pick the best 2022 fall hair color trend for you & sparkle.

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