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How to choose the right hair extension length?

To achieve a seamless and entirely natural look, selecting the appropriate length for your extensions is crucial. Below, we'll provide you with essential points to consider that will assist you in making the optimal choice.

What is the length of your hair?

First and foremost, we advise against opting for hair extensions significantly longer than your own hair for the best blending outcome. If your hair reaches shoulder length or beyond, selecting a longer extension is suitable. However, if your hair is shorter than shoulder length, we recommend sticking to extensions no longer than 20 inches. Additionally, your natural hair should be a minimum of 4-6 inches in length to conceal the extension roots effectively. Hence, if you have short hair or recently got a haircut, it's advisable to wait for some time to let it grow before choosing extensions.


How to measure?

Gather a mirror and a tape measure. Follow these steps:
  • Place the tape measure at the top of your ears.
  • Allow the tape measure to hang down naturally.
  • Observe your hair in the mirror – it will align with the tape measure's length.
  • Remember this measurement, as it represents your hair's natural length.

This straightforward technique makes measuring easy – give it a try!

how to measure your hair length

Think about your height:

Here's an additional pointer to help you determine the ideal hair extension length – consider your height. Your height will notably impact your overall look once the extensions are in place.

Naturally, the taller you are, the shorter the extensions may appear, and conversely. If you're on the taller side, opting for a longer length is a good choice. Meanwhile, if you're petite, extensions ranging from 14 to 18 inches or shorter might suit you perfectly. Therefore, making a decision about the hair extension length that best suits you should factor in your height.
How to choose the length of hair extension according to your height

Hair Length Variation Display

(Model's Height: 5'10")


12-14 inches hair display

Our shortest length option is 12-14 inches, typically falling just below the shoulders. This is an excellent choice for those with shorter natural hair. It's also perfect for enhancing hair thickness; even if you're not looking for added length, it can still give your hair a wonderfully voluminous and healthy appearance.


16-18 inches hair show

16-18 inches option falls within the medium length range. If your hair is approximately shoulder length, this is an ideal selection. When worn, you'll notice that this length rests slightly above the bust, making it well-suited for those aiming to extend their hair length while ensuring a seamless blend, especially if your hair is too short to match a 20-22 inch extension.


20-22 inches hair

20 to 22 inches length is our most sought-after choice. Despite its longer length, it seamlessly integrates with your natural hair. This option suits hair longer than shoulder length and typically falls just below the chest for most individuals. It's an exceptionally ideal length.


24-26” hair show

At this length, many individuals can achieve a waist or even hip-level appearance. This length is especially advantageous if your natural hair is already quite long, as it facilitates a seamless blend.

Curly hair length reference

Important: When measuring the length of curly hair, it is gauged when the hair is straightened. For instance, if you order 18 inches of curly hair, we utilize 18 inches of straight hair to craft the curls.

curly hair length


While the provided information aids in selecting the ideal extension length, the ultimate goal remains achieving seamless and stunning hair integration. Regardless of the chosen length, it should harmonize effortlessly with your natural hair and enhance your appearance. Achieving this may involve a bit of trial and error to determine the perfect fit. Remember, if you're uncertain, feel free to reach out to us for personalized recommendations on the most suitable length for you.