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About us

Development History



Founded-established our factory

Ugeat established our factory to produce real human wigs. The main purpose is to give people who have lost their hair due to diseases a beautiful appearance so that they can go out confidently. And we mainly sell our products through offline physical stores.


 Explore our unique technology

Ugeat decided to enter the hair extension industry and began to explore our unique production process.

In our development phase, consulted with hair experts and resource consultants around the world and visited many well-known hair extension factories. After tens of thousands of attempts, we have explored our unique dyeing and processing technology, and our products have also been recognized by customers.


 2013-Establish web

Established our website

Ugeat established our website: www.ugeat.com
Ugeat's initial market was Asian countries and regions, only sold tapes and clips. Due to the high quality and reasonable price, we have won praise from many customers in just a few months. Therefore, Ugeat has gradually expanded its sales scope to the world.

 2021-till now

 Till now

Ugeat has gradually developed various types of hair extensions and has a complete and mature production technology and process. In the future, we will improve our products and services, continue to explore new content in the field of delivery and provide every customer with better quality hair extensions.


Our Goal

Ugeat's goal is to provide satisfactory products and services to all customers. If you can have a beautiful appearance and a confident smile because of using our products, then we will feel extremely happy and honored.


Our  Company

Our company


Our company is divided into multiple departments, each department performs its own duties and does its best to serve every customer.
You will get:

1.Free Consultations

Before service: If you are not sure what color or length you want to buy or want to know what express delivery method we use and how long the shipping time is, please contact us and we will provide a free consultation.
After-sales service: If your package is lost, damaged, or you find that the color you bought does not match the color of your hair or other questions about the product, you can contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

2.Cooperation with International Express Companies

We cooperate with famous international express companies such as FedEx, TNT, DHL, etc., and are committed to providing you with fast and safe express delivery services. Usually, expedited express delivery only takes 3-7 working days to arrive.

3.Safe Payment 

We have two payment methods: PayPal and Credit Card. We also provide 30 days easy return. Your money and information are guaranteed.

4..Customize Service For Every Client

With the advantages of our factory, we can help you make the hair extensions you want. Just contact us, Ugeat won't let you down!

5..Signature Service

Courier provides a signature service to ensure the safe delivery of products (due to COVID-19, some countries have introduced policies that require carriers to implement contactless delivery and cancel signature service).

Our  Factory

Our factory
  • Collect raw materials

Our professional procurement team purchases raw materials from formal channels and undergoes strict inspections to ensure that the gloss and flexibility of each batch of hair are qualified. You can buy our products with confidence.

  •  Experienced master

Each type of hair extension in our factory has 3-5 masters with professional knowledge as technical guidance. They have been working in the hairdressing industry for nearly 30 years. With their professional guidance, various colors of hair are produced. You can rest assured to buy our products without worrying about hair color loss or damage to your body.

  • Excellent equipment

Because we have our unique production technology, we import advanced precision equipment from Germany and invest a lot of money in equipment maintenance and upkeep. Every pack of hair customers buys from us is high-quality hair, and the accessories are also quality guaranteed.

Any inquiries or suggestions please send a message to: service@ugeat.com