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Dry Hair Cap Coral Fleece Long Cap Shower Cap Absorbent Towel

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Coral Fleece Dry Hair Cap

If you don’t know what to do with your wet hair after taking a shower, then this may be your choice. You can do whatever you want without worrying about dripping. The drops of water will splash around.

Why choose Ugeat Dry Hair Cap?

  • Cut down drying time in half by wrapping your hair right out of the shower.

♥ This microfiber hair towel is made of super soft microfiber fabric. Its high water absorption can effectively dry wet hair naturally.
♥ A button design can easily and conveniently fix the microfiber towel on the head.
♥ This bath towel is stylish and practical, suitable for your home and bathroom.
♥ Please put your long hair into a turban or use it as a normal towel to dry your long hair more effectively.

  • The soft and plush fabric helps gently dry hair, unlike traditional towels that create rough textures.


1. Flip head forward and place the turban on the center of the nape of the neck. The button should be in the center.
2. Ensure all hair is in the wrap and twist.
3. Once tight attach the elastic ring to the button to close.
4. Leave on until ready to blow dry.