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U tip Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Natural Black Color Remy Hair #1b

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u tip hair extensions

Ugeat® U tip Hair Details

U tip/Nail tip is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a U and is applied to the hair by heating up, it is also called Hot Fusion hair extensions.

Hair Quality: 100% Remy Human Hair. Natural, Smooth, Soft, No Tangle, and Shedding Free. Can be Straightened, Washed and Cut.
Hair Type: Pre-bonded Keratin/ Nail-Tip/ U-Tip Fusion Human Hair Extensions.
Hair Texture: Natural Straight, and Have a Natural Wave When Wet or Left to Air-dry or Diffused.
Strand: 0.035 oz/1 Grams Per Piece, 1.76 oz/50 Grams Per Pack, 50 Pieces, 100Pieces
Full-body look: 100-150 Pieces are recommended for a full head

Why choose Ugeat U Tip hair?

U Tip hair extension

Do U tip extensions damage your hair?

Ugeat U-Tip extensions are made from High-Quality Keratin, which is a protein found in natural hair, therefore it is kind to the hair and will not cause damage.

How to Choose Length?

how to choose length

How to wear Ugeat U tip hair Extensions?

how to wear u tip hair extension



U Tip hair extensions are called Hot Fusion hair extensions, So there are a few points to pay attention to during the installation process.
1. Operate on clean hair without conditioner (conditioner may affect heart melting)
2. Do not wash your hair within 24h after installation
3. Be careful not to brush the root when taking care

How to wash your u tip hair extensions?

how to wash your hair

1.Detangle hair gently before washing. Comb your hair extensions with a spacious wired comb; Do not comb or brush the hair extensions while hair is wet.;
2.With warm water gently wet the extensions. Put shampoo with low or absolutely no sulfates on them.
3.Rinse out the shampoo. Apply conditioner. Once you've rinsed out the conditioner and they've dried, comb through the extensions so they're not tangled
4.Not Rub or Twist hair when you wash them. Crush straight hair in a downward motion starting with the ends, work your way up to the roots.

How to Fix Dry & Frizzy Human Hair Extensions?

how to fix your dry hair

1.Use a Sulfate-free shampoo
Never choose a shampoo that contains sulfate because it would do harm to your hair extensions. Sulfate is a common ingredient in lots of shampoo brands because it could create lather. However, this substance would omit the natural oil from the hair, thus making it become dry and frizzy. Therefore, to prevent the natural oil and moisture from reducing, it is better to use a sulfate-free shampoo.

2.Do don't forget to apply conditioner
Hair extensions frizzy after washing might also be the result of the lack of conditioner. Remember to use conditioner to hydrate your hair every time you shampoo it so that moisture could soak into each strand.

3.Apply nourishing oil to hair ends
To prevent hair extension from getting friction and frizz, try using nourishing oil. This oil will help to smooth the hair out and add gloss and shine to your extensions. It will soak deep into the hair cuticle to add moisture and revitalize health and vibrancy.

How to remove U tip hair extensions?

how to remove u tip hair extension

What are the differences between I-Tip and U-Tip Hair?

Ugeat Hair i tip and u tip hair

Typical I-tip hair extensions are attached to your hair using a Micro-Ring process that involves pulling your hair through a small metal loop in the extension base. This loop is usually made of copper or aluminum, which can cut into your hair’s cuticles, causing damage. Pulling curly or coarse hair through these rings can also lead to tangling, snarling, and extremely tough removal, so Micro Rings may not be the way to go for women with “springierââââââââââââ‚?hair types.

U-tip and Flat-tip hair extensions can only be applied using a heating tool to melt the keratin. And while these tools only use a fraction of the heat created by normal curling and flat irons (and they areonly near the hair for a few seconds at a time), you may have fragile or damaged hair that you’d like to keep as far away from heat as possible.

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