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How to Layer Hair Extensions With Different Lengths

How to Layer Hair Extensions With Different Lengths?

Layering Hair Extensions With Different Lengths

Hair Extensions have become a fashion item for women. Some women buy hair extensions to add length, and some to add volume. Others just want to add some highlight to their hair.

Using hair extensions also requires some research. Our natural hair can appear to have different lengths due to different growth cycles. It gives our hair an overall natural look. However, the use of hair extensions may make the length of the hair appear uniform. For best results, we can then consider using layered hair extensions of different lengths to create a beautiful and natural look.

Do you want to know the best way to layer hair extensions of different lengths? The following methods will help you get soft and horizontal layers while maintaining the actual length of your hair. Those who have beautiful natural hair with hair extensions will prefer to cut their hair long.

How To Create Layers?

Hair extensions for different Layers can give you a light, smooth and bouncy look. What if you create natural layering through hair extensions without cutting your hair? It's quite simple. You just need to order different lengths when you buy hair extensions (e.g. 16", 18", 20") then you will have very light layers, and your ends will not appear blunt. Buying different lengths will not only help you get a natural look but will also allow you to save more money.

The bottom bundle can be 20 inches, the middle bundle can be 18 inches, and the top layer can be 16 inches. You may still need to use scissors to texturize the ends, but this method creates layers without cutting off a lot of hair. Of course, it's best to have a stylist cut the layers for you, but if you start your extensions, you may want to try cutting them as well. There is an easy way to create natural layers at home without the help of a stylist.

Layering Hair Extensions With Different Lengths

Soft & Sexy Layers

To get Soft & Sexy Layers, you need to prepare the following tools: haircutting scissors; elastic band; razor. After wearing the hair extensions. Please follow the instructions below accordingly.

1. Part the bottom of your hair and braid it to separate it from the rest of your hair. This part of the extension will not be removed

2. Separate the middle part of the hair from the top part with two elastic bands.

3. Stand in front of a mirror and tie up the middle ponytail pulling the ends of your hair to the top of your head so you can see what you are doing. Tilt your fingers so that your fingertips are pointing toward the ceiling. Carefully cut off 2 inches of hair.

4. Repeat this process at the top of the ponytail.

Ugeat Human Hair Extensions

Add Layers To Thick Hair

Thin, straight hair may appear long and thin due to the horizontal layers. This is the best way to add layers to thick hair. This method will give you soft horizontal layers while maintaining the length of your hair. To add layers to thick hair, follow these instructions accordingly. 

    1. Separate and braid the bottom of your hair, the purpose of this is to prevent it from being cut during the layering process.
      2. Separate the hair into three vertical sections starting at the top of the head and ending at the bottom in front of the braid. At the very beginning of the head, you will need to tie an elastic band.
        3. Grasp the ends and angle your fingers upward toward the ceiling. Trim 2 inches from the end.
          4. Repeat for the next two sections. These processes of layering hair extensions of different lengths can add a nice soft texture and dimension. 

            invisible human hair extensions

            Adding Layers To Curly Hair

            Cutting your curly hair may make you think it's more difficult than layering straight hair. But we want to tell you that it's easier than it looks! While curly extensions already look beautiful, adding layers can make them look full and flowy. To add layers to the curls of your extensions, follow these instructions accordingly. 

              1. Wet the curls, as this will make, them easier to comb and stretch.
                2. Thoroughly comb through the curls with a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles from the curls.
                  3. Separate and braid the bottom of the hair to prevent it from being cut during the layering process.
                    4. Flip the remaining hair. Then, tie a ponytail at the very edge of the hairline.

                      5. Comb hair forward and trim about 2 inches. Loosen the ponytail to reveal the layers.

                      Curly Hair Extensions

                        The Benefits of Layers

                        Adds Body Layers add tons of body and movement to your tresses, especially after a fresh cut style. Layers can also give you a new look when you are tired of your hairstyle but don't want to get a drastic cut. 

                        Adds Texture If your extensions are fine or seem to perfect, layers are perfect to add texture to your hair and add an edgy look. 

                        Blends Your Extensions Layers also blend your short hair with your long extensions. This can be easily remedied by adding layers that will blend into your natural hair. 

                        Compliments Your Face Shape Layers can be strategically placed to accentuate the features you love and conceal the features you may not be so fond of. 

                        Adds Sexy Volume Who doesn't love big hair? Many women love full hair that moves in the wind! Nothing is sexier than a woman that walks in the room with her head held high and a mane of beautiful full healthy hair flowing behind her. Layers add fullness and body to your extensions! 

                        At Last

                        Are you ready for layering now? Don't be afraid to try new things! It's a new year and it's time to freshen up our look! We want you to know now the best way to layer hair extensions of different lengths. You can start the process at home by trimming 2 inches of hair. Of course, it is best to seek the help of your hairstylist as they can help you create layers depending on your face shape and hair extension type. 

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