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What Kind Of Brush Should I Use For My Hair?

What Kind Of Brush Should I Use For My Hair?

What Kind Of Brush Should I Use For My Hair?


Are you using the right comb?

For different hairstyles. How to keep your hair styled? How to reduce hair knots? Choosing the right comb is also crucial.

In particular, curly hair is very strict for a hair comb. Every set of curls is unique. Different textures, patterns, and shapes play this different roles, which means there is no comb that works for everyone. For the hair knot problem. Washing and styling can be an obvious concern, but the type of brush used for curls is also an important tool to consider.


The best brush for long hair -- Cushion Brush

This type of comb can easily glide through dry and wet hair without pulling. No matter how messy your hair is, using this brush will not pull or cause pain when brushing. Combs hair easily and smoothly. In addition, the bamboo hair comb will help stimulate the scalp and promote blood flow


long hair extensions comb

The best brush for tight curly hair -- No

Remember: For tight curly hair (For example kinky curly hair and deep wave hair). Don't comb the hair. The most useful tool is your hands. Especially when using hair extensions. Never comb these two types of hair extensions. Because they can make hair extensions messy, knotted, and frizzy.

Don't use a comb when using deep wave curly hair and kinky curly hair extensions.

The best brush for loose curly hair -- Bristle Round Hairbrush

For loose wave hair (for example body wave hair), the hair wave is looser.

These bristles excel at gripping strands to create a sleeker style. Remember to section small areas of your hair at a time to reap the gorgeous benefits. Don't rush the process! It’s especially awesome for smoothing wavy to curly hair.

This brush can be used for volume, lift, shine, styling, smoothing, blowouts, adding waves, curling hair, and more, according to the brand.


body wave hair extensions comb

The best brush for wet hair -- Vented brushes

It is best not to use a comb when your hair is wet. Using a comb with wet hair can easily lead to hair loss. If you must brush your hair, maybe you can use vented brushes

The comfort-tip bristles that are typical for this type of brush won't snag or pull delicate, wet hair. Vented brushes work best when you start at the ends and work your way up the head. Allows you to easily detangle your hair while drying.

Most importantly: When using hair extensions, be sure not to use a comb to avoid hair falling out.


wet hair extensions comb

The best brush for a bouncy blowout -- Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel brush

If you go for a blow-dry session, you'll likely encounter this brush. Round brushes inherently enhance volume, curls, and waves, especially at the roots. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the waves. Opt for larger barrels for bouncy, voluminous strands.

Stylists love ceramic options because they heat up and act like a curling iron — though, not nearly as hot or damaging — to beautifully set the shape and curve while smoothing and styling.

In addition, this comb reduces frizz, increases shine, reduces drying time, and helps smooth hair.

But it is best not to use this comb when using hair extensions. The correct way to care for hair extensions is to air dry

hair extensiong brush

The best brush for bangs -- Small Round brush

Baby round brushes get right in under bangs for pro-like styling. it's perfect for getting underneath small bangs to add volume and lift.


bangs hair extensions brush

The best brush for sectioning hair -- Static Rat Tail Comb

When you’re sectioning your strands — whether it’s for blow-drying, prepping for rollers, or nailing that perfect part — this widely-recognized tool still strikes a line better than anything else.

The best hairbrush for applying treatments -- Revlon Essentials 2-Piece Tangle-Free Comb Set

The wide teeth on this comb can evenly distribute products like deep-conditioner treatments, hair masks, and color toners. You can also use the comb as a gentler option to detangle wet, fragile, and processed hair when you get out of the shower.


Static Rat Tail Comb

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