What Are The Advantages Of Virgin Hair

Why Should You Choose Virgin Hair?

The raw material of the hair is Virgin Hair.The virgin hair is not chemically processed in any way, which means that the hair has not undergone any dying, bleaching, coloring, dyeing, or any harsh washing, Compared with Remy hair, our Virgin hair can be used for more than 1 year with proper care.

virgin hair topper hair crown

⭐Unique Cuticle Aligned Technology, dying via plant extract, no damage to the hair
⭐Hair with new technology is much silky & smooth than traditional hair.
⭐Hair cuticles are more complete and hair is healthier and stronger. Lifespan is longer than normal hair in the market.

⭐ Virgin Hair is smoother and shinier than Remy Hair after shampooing and is easier to comb through. After half a year of testing, the virgin has lost very little weight and has a stronger ability to retain water.