Why choose Flat tip hair?

Why choose Flat tip hair extensions?

🔸 Add Volume and Length

Flat tip extensions add extra length and volume to the hair. They are made from 100% genuine and authentic Remy human hair that has never been treated or processed other than during the gentle colouring and moisturizing practices.

🔸 Natural Look and Feel

You can style them in any way you like. They are thick and will give your hair a lustrous look without telling people that you are wearing hair extensions.


The naked eye cannot see flat tip hair extensions. They are well concealed in the natural hair strands. The flat tips have the same colour as the extensions themselves, so they are not prominent.


The re-bonded u tip hair extension is from Italian Keratin, a protein component present in natural hair. This gives your hair a more natural appearance while also reducing breakage.

🔸Undetectable bonds

The strands are at the tips near to the hairline and smoothed by hand throughout the application procedure. As a result, the hair attachments are nearly unnoticeable.