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Why choose I tip hair?

Why Choose I-tip Hair Extensions?

🔸No Heat Required

The greatest advantage of using I-tip hair extensions is that they do not require any heat application. Unlike U-tip hair extensions, there's no need to use glue in the cold fusion method.


I-tip hair extensions can be easily applied at home without the need for professional assistance. This is a significant benefit for women who want to save money during the installation process.

🔸Quick And Easy Removal

Removing the I-tip hair extensions is as simple as opening the beads that were securely pinched during installation, taking only a few seconds.

🔸Ideal for Fine Hair

I-tip hair extensions are gentle on your hair as they are lightweight. Therefore, they are the perfect option for women with fine and thin hair strands.


Another highly regarded feature of these hair extensions is their semi-permanent nature. You don't need to remove them daily.

🔸No Damage To Natural Strands

I-tip hair extensions cause no damage to your natural strands.