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enjoy everything we have now

Enjoy Everything We Have Now Cherish Time And People

Invisible Hair Extensions

Here's the story from an anonymous contributor, Ugeat put it here, not to show off, just to remind you to cherish the good times and the people in front of you

The thing is like this, I have an aunt who treats me very well, I always go to him when I was a kid, she will make a lot of delicious food, their oven always exudes a tempting taste, I have never seen What is sad about her? She treats everyone around her very well, which makes me feel that she will never worry about it.

It was not until I went out to study for two years and came back that everything changed.i usually play in this yard

My aunt’s house was not as clean as before. There were a lot of weeds outside. I called my aunt, but no one answered. Then my mother said she was sick. I went to visit my aunt in the hospital. I thought it was just a small problem, but I didn’t expect it.

doctor can save us from virus

My aunt scared me completely. All her hair was shaved. Her face was yellow and thin due to chemotherapy. She was obviously not angry, but she still smiled and asked me how I was doing. I felt so sad.

Later, I talked to the doctor cares about my aunt. My aunt's operation was relatively successful. As long as I keep taking the medicine in the future, everything will be fine.

enjuy what you have now

In those days, I always accompanied my aunt, delivered the porridge in the morning, and accompanied my aunt in the hospital during the day to get injections and medicine for check-ups. My mother was very supportive and often took care of my aunt with me. With our company, my aunt recovered. Getting better and better, we are finally discharged!

After being discharged from the hospital, my aunt was not so happy. When I was in the hospital, everyone was a patient, and no one cared about my aunt’s appearance. But after I was discharged from the hospital, my neighbors would always worry about asking this and that, but my aunt was always afraid of her. Without hair, he looks ugly and he is reluctant to talk.

This was what I learned later. Auntie never told us these things, but she was alone in her heart. After I learned about it, I immediately went to the nearby barbershop and bought a wig for auntie, but the aunt didn’t say it on the surface. , But in fact, I’m really happy inside. We tried to wear it, but because my aunt’s head is relatively small and the person is very thin, there is almost no suitable barbershop nearby. What’s more terrifying is that my aunt has lost confidence in this kind of thing. Even I don't want to meet anymore, I have no choice.

Later, I looked for the best shop for wigs on the Internet and found this Ugeat Hair. I didn’t have much hope. I simply talked to them. I didn’t expect them to actively say that they would like to customize one for my aunt. Then I measured my aunt’s head circumference carefully and told them the exact size. They asked a lot of questions patiently. When I heard that my aunt had cancer, I even said that they would provide a free hair replacement for life. , We are touched by this news, thank you ugeat, you are a good company, and you will get better and better.

hair wigs ugeat hair

About a week later, ugeat actively contacted us, saying that it was done, and sent us a photo. The photo shows what we want. We are so happy. After another three or four days, the hair is finally here. The sun was very good that day. Aunty smiled happily when she signed for the express delivery. I also felt so happy. We went home together, put the wig on the aunt, and used some glue. The process was a bit long, but we all Feeling so happy, my aunt put on the new headgear, and the whole person was happier. She smiled at me and suddenly I felt as if I was back when I was happy before.

A few years later.

the sun in the sky

Aunt's body is recovering very well, all her hair has grown out, and everything has improved. Although my aunt doesn’t need this wig now, she keeps this wig all the time. She said it’s it and accompany her through the hardest time, so I want to thank ugeat here, you did a great job It is also recommended here to those who are not confident enough because of hair problems. Wigs are great. What we need is not just wigs, but the confidence that wigs bring us, and our smiles. I hope everyone, don’t be afraid of anything, as long as we face it positively, everything will look better, come on, everyone we see, come on, ourselves, come on, ugeat!

After that, we did not receive this person’s order again, but in fact, we were also emotionally moved by this incident. We only did what we should do, but it warmed them. Although we are a business, we and other ordinary people are willing to lend a helping hand to help those in need, so please tell us where we need us, we will try our best to help you. but we will also make mistakes and hope to get your forgiveness. promise ugeat, we all cherish the time now, hug the friends around us, everything will be fine.


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