How to Curl Your Hair Extensions?

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Real Human Hair Extensions

Now, Hair Extensions have become an indispensable decorative item for us. We may feel like we were imperfect, without hair extensions.

Hair Extensions can be designed with many different good looks! Of course, one of our favorite hairstyles is curling them. We like to experiment with different ways to curl our hair for a more sophisticated look. So can we curl our hair when using hair extensions? How are we going to curl hair extensions?

In this article, we will share different ways to curl your hair to make curling a breeze. Let's get started!

Can I Curl My Ugeat hair extensions?

Of course, it is possible. You can style Ugeat Hair Extensions as you like. Such as straightening, curling, dyeing, etc.
Ugeat hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair. You can style your hair whatever you want. But the hair with hair extensions has left the scalp and cannot absorb nutrients from the hair. So to protect our hair extensions, please keep the temperature below 320 ℉ (160 ℃) when curling and straightening your hair. This will protect our hair extensions well.

real human hair extensions

How to Curl Hair Extensions?

Step 1: Comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb. It is best to use a heat protection spray to protect our hair. Adjust the temperature of the curling iron to below 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Once the iron is heated to the correct temperature, wrap a small section of hair around the iron and hold for 3-6 seconds. Remember not to heat hair extensions for a long time. Otherwise, the hair extensions will be seriously damaged.

Step 3: Clamp it up to cool! Remove the curling iron, but keep the curled hair in place until it cools with clips or fingers. This step is crucial to make sure your hair stays curled! Repeat these three steps until you have beautiful curly extensions!

curly hair extensions loose wave hair

Different Types of Curly HairStyle

Style 1: Loose Wave Hair

This is a great style for curly hair when you're in a hurry, as you'll be working with larger sections of hair. These waves are best for styling on freshly washed hair. Apply a softener to your hair when wet, and let it dry naturally, so your hair is already smooth and soft when you add waves.
To get loose wave hair, please roll your hair into relatively thick sections (not so thick that the heat doesn't spread evenly)
Curl multiple strands of hair in the same direction. When you curl your hair, don't just hold it in place, but do a slight rolling motion (up and down). As a result, you should get a gorgeous loose wave!

loose wave hair styles

Style 2: Tight Natural Curls Hair

To curl your hair tightly, you need to use very little hair at a time to curl it. This is a sophisticated, time-consuming look. Still, it's worth it because the curls are so sophisticated and cute.
When you're done curling, spray with styling spray and lightly work your hair into curls with your hands. This will texture the curls and mess up the curls a bit.
curly hair tight wave hairstyles

Style 3: Beach Waves Hair

This curly hairstyle should be somewhere in between the two above. Because its curls have both loose wave and tight wave. It is an uneven curl. You can alternate between curling thick hair and less curling hair.
You can alternate some strands with tight curls and others with loose curls. This helps create more realistic beach waves.
It's also important to keep the ends of your hair straight or slightly straighten them at the ends. For whatever reason, the ends of the salty waves always seem to be straight.

real human hair extensions curly hair

These curls are very easy to style. We can do it completely independently. But you need to be aware that hair extensions cannot be styled in the salon to maintain frizz long-term like our natural hair. Because heating the hair for a long time can seriously damage our hair extensions.
We hope our articles can help you and hope you enjoy our recommendations. If you have anything you want to know, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you answer.

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