Apply Micro Loop Hair

How to apply for micro loop hair extensions?

how to apply micro loop hair ?

1: Gather a strand of hair. 
2: With your free hand, take a micro ring extension and place the loop over your thumb and forefinger. 
3: Pull the natural hair through the fish line loop using your thumb and index finger. 
4: Hold the micro ring with one hand and the fish line loop with the other. 
5: Pull the fish line loop so that the natural hair begins threading through the micro ring. 
6: Pull the natural hair completely through the ring. 
7: Use the pliers to squeeze the ring shut. You need to squeeze quite firmly but is it not necessary to crush the ring closed. Too much force can damage the ring and also the hair. 
8: Repeat previous steps. You may place the extensions according to the person's head and hair type and the number of micro ring extensions you intend to use.

How to remove it?

The method to remove the micro loop hair extensions

If you want to watch the video tutorial, please click here