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Apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions

How to Apply Micro Link Hair Extensions?

how to apply micro loop hair ?

1. Gather a strand of hair.
2. Hold a micro ring extension in your free hand, positioning the loop over your thumb and forefinger.
3. Using your thumb and index finger, thread the natural hair through the fish line loop.
4. Hold the micro ring with one hand and the fish line loop with the other.
5. Gently pull the fish line loop, guiding the natural hair through the micro ring.
6. Continue pulling until the natural hair is completely threaded through the ring.
7. Utilize pliers to firmly close the ring. Be cautious not to crush it, as excessive force can harm the ring and hair.
8. Repeat the preceding steps, adjusting the placement of extensions based on the individual's head shape, hair type, and the number of micro ring extensions to be used.

How to Remove Micro Link Hair Extensions?

The method to remove the micro loop hair extensions

If you want to watch the video tutorial, please click here