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Choose A Suitable Base & Double Drawn Toppers

How To Choose A Suitable Base?

hair topper base

What is Double Drawn Extensions?

Double drawn extensions refer to hair extensions or hairpieces where all the hairs are the same length, usually the longest length available. This means that there are no shorter hairs blended in to add volume or texture, resulting in a very sleek and uniform look. Double drawn extensions are often used by people who want to add length and thickness to their hair without compromising on the natural look and feel of the hair.

The Advantages Of Double Drawn Hair Extensions:

⭐ Natural-looking: Double drawn hair toppers create an exceptionally natural finish due to uniform hair length, making it hard to discern the extensions from your own hair.

⭐ More volume and thickness: Double drawn toppers add a significant amount of volume and thickness to the hair, giving it a fuller and more luxurious appearance.

⭐ Low maintenance: Double drawn toppers require minimal maintenance as there are no shorter hairs to tangle or get matted, making them an excellent choice for people who lead busy lives or have limited time for hair care.