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Comparison of Genius Weft & Other Weft

Comparing Genius Weft with Other Weft Options

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⭐ Genius Weft vs. Machine Weft: Genius Weft surpasses Machine Weft in terms of thickness and visibility, being slimmer and less conspicuous. Moreover, it eliminates return hair, reducing tangling and maximizing ease of use.

⭐ Genius Weft vs. Hand-tied Weft: Genius weft is a high-precision product that boasts exceptional durability and prevents shedding. This innovative weft can be cut anywhere while still retaining all the hair, providing maximum flexibility in styling.

⭐ Genius Weft vs. Flat Silk Weft: The root of Genius Weft is designed to be smaller in size, resulting in a more discreet and invisible appearance when applied.