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Why is the quality of virgin+ hair so high?

What Makes Virgin+ Hair Quality Superior?

The exceptional quality of Virgin+ hair is attributed to meticulous production processes. Each step undergoes precise technical procedures, with strict timing controls ensuring accuracy within a 3-second range. This level of precision sets Virgin+ hair apart, and not all factories have the capability to produce such high-quality hair.

Hair Cuticle Protection Innovation:

We offer a unique cuticle protection process, akin to raincoats shielding us during downpours. This meticulous care ensures the preservation of 100% of the hair scales, resulting in hair that closely mirrors your own natural strands.

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    1. Rigorous Quality Inspection Process: Ugeat boasts a dedicated team for quality assessment, serving as the final checkpoint for Virgin+ hair before it reaches you.
    2. Tangle and Shedding Testing: Each hair bundle undergoes a tangle test, with Virgin+ hair showcasing remarkable performance. It remains Tangle-Free & Shedding-Free even after rigorous rubbing.
    3. Length Assurance: To ensure precise length, we employ three distinct scales, guaranteeing that the hair you receive adheres to our stringent standards.
    4. Natural Amplitude: Just as our natural hair varies in length, we meticulously measure and compare the amplitude of each strand, ensuring the most authentic look for our customers.
    5. Handpicked Screening: Our final step involves thorough examination of each strand, eliminating any short hairs or irregular streaks, for a flawless end product.

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    When a product achieves an A+ final score, we can confidently hand it over to our customers. This is precisely why we proudly refer to it as Virgin+ hair.