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Why choose U tip hair?

Why choose U tip hair extensions?

🔸New appearance

U tip hair extensions offer a fresh look, akin to getting a slight trim or adding a fringe. Long hair is generally more versatile and easier to style compared to short hair.


Extensions can be customized to match your hair color perfectly. Highlights and lowlights can also be added using a color blend on individual strands.

🔸Thick hair

This hair extension is suitable for coarse and thick hair types. If you have limited hair growth, you can use utip extension to enhance both the length and volume of your hair.


Rebonded Utip Hair Extension uses Italian Keratin, a protein found in natural hair, for a more authentic look and reduced breakage.

🔸Undetectable Extensions

The hair strands are meticulously smoothed and applied by hand near the hairline during the application process, ensuring the attachments are virtually imperceptible.

🔸Reduced Heat Exposure

The hot fusion applicator, similar to a regular flat iron, heats the hair for a brief period, and it's not as hot as a standard flat iron, minimizing the risk of hair damage.