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Why Choose Virgin Hole Weft?

The Advantages of Hole Weft Extensions

virgin hole weft extensions

⭐ Enhanced Seamlessness and Invisibility: Hole weft extensions are crafted by injecting hair into a PU weft, creating the illusion of hair naturally growing from the scalp. This results in a subtle and undetectable look.

⭐ Customizable Length: Hole weft extensions are created by injecting hair into a PU weft, eliminating the previous thread-fixing method. This allows the hair to be easily trimmed to your desired length.

⭐ Faster Installation: Hole weft extensions are installed by threading the hair through the hole and securing it with Micro Beads. Typically, the installation process takes just 10-15 minutes.

⭐ Reusable: For reinstallation, you only need to change a few Micro Beads, making it cost-effective and convenient to reuse.