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Everything you need to know about hair extensions

Everything to Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Professional

Whether you're aiming for waist-length locks, beach summer waves, or simply desire a decent ponytail, hair extensions can provide an instant solution to all your long hair concerns.

However, the plethora of hair extension options might leave you unsure about which one to choose. To address this, we've consulted with hair extension experts to provide you with comprehensive insights before you make your decision. Rest assured, your queries about hair extensions will be resolved.

First and foremost, you need to acquaint yourself with the raw materials of hair:

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

When it comes to buying hair, the quality aligns with the price you pay. The cost fluctuates significantly based on the hair's quality, desired quantity, and length.

virgin hair and remy hair
Virgin hair Extensions(never-before-processed) represent the pinnacle of extension quality. The hair cuticle remains intact rather than being removed, and all the hair strands align in the same direction, preserving that naturally soft, silky texture.

Remy human hair stands as the premium grade of authentic human hair. It is favored for hair extensions due to its ability to achieve the most authentic appearance and be treated similarly to your natural hair, permitting styling and washing.

Synthetic hair comes at a lower cost but lacks the ability to seamlessly blend or be styled like human hair. It often cannot endure heat styling and is prone to tangling.

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

The choice of hair extensions and the methods used for their application hold significance. Certain more permanent hair extensions can potentially result in damage due to bonding, gluing, and hair pulling. In contrast, clip-in hair extensions offer the least damaging alternative, as they are effortlessly clipped into your hair akin to a regular hair clip.

How to choose matching colors?

Selecting hair extensions that align with your natural hair's color and texture is crucial. The most precise method involves matching the color to the ends of your hair, rather than the roots. A mismatched color can make your extensions glaringly noticeable. Keep in mind that hair color can appear different under varying lighting conditions, so it's advisable to assess the hair color in natural light for accurate contrast.

Need an additional perspective? Our assistance is at your disposal! Feel free to email our Support team at with a recent selfie taken in natural lighting.

How to choose the correct type of hair extension?

  • Tape in Human Hair Extensions.

Ugeat tape in hair extension

Tape in hair extensions incorporate the latest advancements in the constantly evolving hair industry. Representing a significant leap forward in hair extension application, tape-in hair extensions can be applied for a full head of hair in under 30 minutes.

  • Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Ugeat clip in hair extension

Clip in human hair extensions offer the simplest, swiftest, and most secure method to achieve long and voluminous hair within a matter of minutes. This signifies that you can effortlessly apply them on your own by simply clipping them into your hair, without incurring extra expenses, time, or the need for professional assistance. Clip-in hair extensions present the ideal answer for individuals seeking instant, thicker, and longer hair without the inconvenience and enduring commitment.
  • Hair Weft
4 ways to wear hair weft

Sew in hair extensions involve an assembly of hair strands sewn onto an ultra-thin fabric strip. These extensions offer an exceptional extension experience owing to their prolonged lifespan and versatile applications. Personalize your Weft extensions for sew-in, clip-in, or natural row bead-in techniques. All our premium Weft extensions are crafted from 100% natural cuticle-intact human hair, guaranteeing robustness and longevity.

  • Micro Loop/Rings Human Hair Extensions

Ugeat micro loop hair extension

Micro Loop hair extensions
represent one of the most recent advancements in the realm of hair extensions. They offer simplicity of use without requiring heat or glue application.

These Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions consist of premium 100% human hair with micro rings pre-attached and positioned, facilitating easy attachment to natural hair. The included loop tool aids in pulling the natural hair through the micro ring, and closing the micro ring is accomplished using pliers. Removing them is equally straightforward—simply utilize the pliers to open the micro rings and you're done.
  • Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

the difference between i tip hair and u tip hair

Pre-bonded hair extensions encompass real human hair segments with a bonding agent already applied to one end. Various types of these extensions include stick tip/I tip hair extensionsnail tip/U-tip hair extensions, flat tip hair extensions and nano tip hair extensions. They prove to be a notably gentler and more favorable choice for use with your natural hair compared to other extensions.

During the production process, bonding glue is situated at one extremity of the extension. A professional hair stylist employs a specialized heat connector clamp to affix the glued tip of the extension onto the client's hair. This clamp closely resembles a slim hair straightening tool and is designed with a built-in lip to accommodate the glue tip. The hair stylist firmly brings together the upper and lower segments of the heat connector clamp, applying pressure to melt the glue and create a bond between the client's natural hair and the extension.

  • Human Tpppers

Topper Hairpiece serves as an optimal remedy if you're experiencing thinning hair, particularly at the crown. They offer a lightweight, user-friendly option, making them ideal for enhancing volume on the top of your head through simple hair clipping. Hair toppers are available in varied styles, sizes, lengths, and thicknesses.

Which hair extensions are ideal for me?

The finest hair extensions are those that seamlessly match your hair and suit your way of life.

For instance, if you frequently engage in activities like regular showers, dancing, exercising, swimming, or sports, it might be advisable to explore temporary hair extension methods like clip-in hair extensions. This way, they can be effortlessly removed during these activities and easily reattached when required.

What is the Duration of Hair Extensions??

The longevity of hair extensions is contingent upon your maintenance routine, the products applied, and the frequency of use. By practicing proper care and wearing them consistently, Ugeat Virgin Hair extensions can endure between 8 to 12 months, Remy Hair Extensions can used 2-4 months. For top-notch advice on nurturing your hair extensions, refer to this blog post.

 How to care my hair extension?

How to care your hair extension

Indeed, distinct hair types demand varied care approaches. Certain extensions, like film and heat fusion extensions, should not be combed directly. Conversely, extensions like clip-ins and fishline hair weaves can be removed during sleep. Regardless of the type, all extensions require methodical care to ensure optimal longevity.

If you seek further information, kindly leave a comment or reach out to us directly. We are committed to providing our utmost assistance.


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I purchased 2 hair toppers and 2 halo hair pieces. They are both great look so natural feel really good and look fantastic. Now I want to try the tape ins. They ship fast and are great to buy from. I’ve had extensions a lit but these I do myself and live the way they loom

Melissa Collins

Hi there, virgin flat hair weft is 50g per pack and remy hair weft is 100g per pack

To Michelle nix

What is the weight of wefted hair per bundle? Thank you

Michelle nix

will these hair extensions damage my hair?


Here is Ugeat Hair, In fact, the place where the hair extension is connected is very stable. If you don’t pull it vigorously, it will not fall off easily.

Ugeat Hair Maria:

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