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how do you take care of your hair extensions

How Do You Take Care of Human Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions Care Tips

How do you take care of your hair extension?

Whether you're new to hair extensions or have used them in the past, it's always a good idea to refresh your memory on how to properly take care of them. It’s important to get into a good routine with your hair extensions from the start because good habits equal longer lasting extensions.

How do you care your hair extensions

Now we will sum up the most comprehensive hair care knowledge from our decades of hair extension work experience and thousands of customer feedback to pass on to you, please follow our footsteps:


 what kind of brush you use

Get an extension brush. This is vital, you will rip your head of hair out if you try and brush them continuously with a normal brush, so seriously get one brush, you can use a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush. Trust us, the price of a brush is not as good as the price of hair, but it is a good assistant. 

How to brush extensions?

how to brush you hair

Make sure that you are always gentle with your extensions this can also affect their lifespan. If you come across a particularly pesky knot, take out the individual hair and brush it through gently. Never brush the extensions when they are wet as this is when it is the most susceptible to breakage. 

Why never brush your roots?

It is important to never brush your roots. Because this is where your extensions are bonded to your head and you will damage. Like Tape-Ins, Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, Instead, finger your hands through the roots to keep them from tangling and then hold your hair in a fist just under your ear and then brush the ends. By holding your hair you are taking pressure off the bonds, therefore, keeping them tight.


why my hair extensions tagngle

Why are these tangles?

While Ugeat Hair extensions are made of 100% remy human hair, but there will still be dullness and tangles, this can happen due to a lack of constant brushing, weather, or dryness. A common reason why hair extensions tangle and get matted is because of a combination of sweat, heat, and friction. Also, keep in mind that when human hair is constantly moving around it mattes or ‘clumps’ together in pieces, so we should always sort out to avoid this situation.

How remain smooth and tangle-free?

First, be sure to brush the extensions periodically throughout the day. If it’s a particularly windy day, you can tie your hair up.

Second, using proper hair care products will reduce tangles and be easier to handle. Try to use products that are specially formulated for dry and damaged hair. They help keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Third, look for ingredients that add moisture to the hair-like argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and so on. Purchasing sulfate-free and alcohol-free products is a necessity. These ingredients strip the hair of its natural oils and will affect its integrity. This, in turn, makes the hair drier and more prone to tangling or matting.

How to Fix Dry & Frizzy Human Hair Extensions?

If your hair is tangled, please don’t worry, the treatment may be late, but it’s still useful. We’ve talked about this before, so I won’t repeat it here. You can click on the link below to see:

Fix Dry & Frizzy Human Hair Extensions



how to avoid my hair shedding

Just like your natural hair, extensions will shed. Shedding is a common occurrence with hair extensions and because they are made of human hair, so don’t be surprised or worried when this happens. However, it does not mean to reduce the amount you brush your extensions, as you can minimize shedding in other ways.

How to reduce shedding?

The first of the most important steps is to brush your extensions out before washing them. This helps minimize the possibility of breakage and shedding during the washing and because the hair is at its weakest point when wet. 

Additionally, using a high temperature when heat styling runs the risk of damaging the hair which can then cause breakage and shedding. This is why we recommend only use a low heat setting of 160°C. While our own hair may be able to handle a high heat setting, our hair is also constantly getting revitalized from the scalp, whereas hair extensions don't receive the same amount of nutrients or oil in order to look silky and shiny.


how often should i wash my hair extensions

It is very important to use the right care products, Be sure to check the ingredient listing and ensure you don’t see the words: SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl, and Propyl.

These ingredients strip the hair of its natural oils which, in turn, make the hair drier and more prone to tangling or matting. Prolonged use of these ingredients can affect the integrity of the hair, shortening the lifespan of your hair extensions significantly.

Seeing this, do you find it difficult to care for your hair? In fact, in order to meet the different needs of our customers, we have produced high-quality virgin hair, which is the closest to human hair growth and can effectively reduce care difficult problems, you can buy directly on our homepage or click the link to buy


When in the shower, turn the temperature to cold just before you get out and give your hair a blast of the cold shower, this will help keep your bonds once again nice and tight and close your pores too.

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

Since your extensions aren't subject to the oils produced by your scalp the way your natural hair is, you don’t have to wash them as often. As a general rule, the less you wash your extensions the longer they will last. You can use your best judgment on how often to wash them, however, we recommend only washing them once there is a lot of product build-up. If your extensions feel like they’re becoming increasingly difficult to style, this is likely a sign that there is product build-up and they need to be washed. We recommend washing them after every two weeks or once a month.

Should I dry my hair extension?

should i dry my hair extensions

We don’t recommend blow-drying your extensions after every wash as doing this constantly will make them dry and more vulnerable to breakage. If you must blow-dry your extensions, be sure to use a heat protect spray before blow-drying to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions. Always blow-dry

downwards as this will help to not only smooth the cuticle but it will also prevent the hair from getting tangled.

Sum up:

Remember, the more you wash and heat style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so try to keep washing and using products on your extensions to a minimum. The important thing to remember is that your hair extensions don’t have a natural hydration source like your own hair does, so keeping them moisturized and reducing dryness is crucial to prolonging their lifespan.

Care when not in use

put your hair extension in a box to protect

One option to store your extensions is in an airtight container or a shoebox. Once you have brushed your extensions out, use a hair tie to secure the hair close to the base of the wefts as a ponytail, then gently roll the extensions into a circle and place them into the box.

All people who buy our Ugeat Hair will receive a free box. This small box not only protects our hair from being damaged during transportation but also a good place to put our hair. If you haven't tried it, you can really try it.

What should I do when I sleep?


A great little way, you can put your hair into braids and go to sleep, so that your hair is still in good condition after waking up, and you will get natural and beautiful curls.

And Finally!

With a good routine, you can wear your extensions for months on end and enjoy fuller, thicker, and healthier-looking locks.

If you still have some special questions, please go to my homepage to consult us more, we are always here to serve you.


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Hello Dear!
Of Course. Micro weft hair extensions can be reused. After you remove it, you only need to re-sew new micro beads on your hair wefts then you can re-install it on your hair.
Hope this can help you

Ugeat Hair

Can u reuse the micro weft and what must I do to keep in n when grow out happens

Jamie Lockwood

Can u reuse the micro weft and what must I do to keep in n when grow out happens

Jamie Lockwood

Hello girl!
We are happy to serve you, actually, we do not recommend you use a shampoo with silicon inside, Silicones can loosen bonds and cause extensions to slip off the hair they are attached to. We recommend you wash them with a nutritious Sulfate-free shampoo to keeping them strong.

Ugeat Hair Maria:

Hello Ugeat Team! I ordered #613 Tape ins. Do i Need a Shampoo with or without silicon inside? Do they have a silicon Layer? Thank you very much for your answer! :-)


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