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How to replace tape in extensions at home

How to Replace Tape in Hair?(Can Do it at Home)

Skin Weft Human Hair Extensions


Tape-in hair is a common hair extension, and it is also our best-selling product. Many people always go to the barbershop to deal with it, but in fact, this job can be done at home by yourself. Now, learn with Ugeat.

Applying hair extension tape remove

how to remove you hair extensions

The first thing you need to do is expose the tape. You need to constantly adjust the angle of the mirror to ensure that the hair is in your field of vision, You can start at the side of your head, Shift all of the hair that is covering the tape to the other side of your head. 


Use hair extension tape remover products

use hair extensions remove your hair

No matter they are designed to be poured or dripped onto the tape or sprayed.  Just choose the type of product that suits you the best.

Simply use the product generously over the tape, until the area is saturated. These products are oil-based products that work by dissolving the glue that holds the tape to your hair, which can help to release your natural hair from the tape without your natural hair being damaged. 

Wiggle your hair extension to see if it moves.

remove you hair extension
Gently pull on the part of the hair extension that is the closest to the tape. Please wiggle it lightly, remember you still need it to use, not to tug on it too much as you could damage your hair and the extension.

Use more remover to loosen the glue

use your tape extension remove

If the hair extension is still stuck, just apply more remover and let it sit for a few minutes, which will make it easier to remove the extension. Then wiggle the hair extension to check that it is loose and that the tape feels as though it is lifting away and releasing your hair, try it once and know how it feels.

Peeling the tape Away and removing the residue

how  to remove your tape in hair extensions
Please peel the tape away gently when it can be easily lifted off. Do not worry, the tape will stay attached to the tape in hair extensions but not to your natural hair, If you still have trouble getting the tape to release your hair, maybe you need to try a different hair extension remover product or visit a professional hairstylist for help.

Follow the same process

Apply plenty of hair extension remover to each piece of tape and peeling it away when it feels as though it can easily fall out. Believe me, you will become more and more skilled.

Remember: Work on only 1 piece of tape at a time, it may need some time, but do not remove multiple hair extensions at once, I mean really, to sure your natural hair will not be damaged. 

Next, please feel free to wash your hair

how do you wash your hair

Previously, there was no way to wash your hair properly due to the existence of the tape in hair extensions. Now you can wash your hair normally without caring about the position of the conditioner, you can easily wash your hair and dry them

Use the new tape refill the tape extensions

You can reuse the hair extension like before. Usually, we suggest to adjusting the tape every 4 weeks to keep the hair stay well. you can buy it from our shop to better match your hair.

If you have other problems, you can contact us directly for more professional help.

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We are happy to serve you, and Injection tape and regular tape are used in the same way, except that injection tape will be thinner and more concealed.

Ugeat Hair Maria:

how to replace injection tape

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