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Christmas Hot Products

Ugeat Hot Sale Products From Black Friday to Christmas in 2021

Christmas Hot Products

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2021 bring a wave of shopping craze. Major e-commerce companies, led by Amazon, have begun to carry out their largest promotional activities of the year. Ugeat Hair is no exception. In the early days of Christmas, the sales enthusiasm from Black Five still did not decline, and everyone was still actively preparing Christmas gifts for family and friends. Hair Extensions is a great Christmas gift.

So during this period, what category and color do people like? Entering November also shows that winter is here. At the same time, this can also explain what hair color everyone likes in the winter of 2021? The popular hair color of 2021 winter is here.


The first one is Curly Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair #2 Darkest Brown Color. Dark hair is the color that most people like in winter. Curly hair such as deep wave clip ins and kinky curly clip ins are products that many brands do not have. This is also a major characteristic product of the Ugeat brand. In addition, its price also occupies an absolute advantage. Usually, the price of Curly hair is slightly more expensive than the price straight hair. This product is Ugeat's welfare product, and its price is cheaper than straight hair of the same color.

curly hair clip in extensions


The second is Tape in Hair Extensions Glue in Natural Balayage Color Blonde Tone #1b/10/60. Tape in Extensions has always been Ugeat's most popular category. This color will stand out in December, which is beyond our estimation. Usually the most popular is Pure Tape ins, such as platinum blonde color and off black color. During November and December, tape in extensions #1B/10/60 is the most popular tape ins. With partial brown with blonde hair, the hair will appear more textured and glowy. If you are a brunette, you will benefit from this delicious hue, as it is flattering and natural-looking! So are you still hesitating about hair color? Come and try balayage black mixed with brown and blonde color. I believe it will also be your favorite color.

balayage blonde with brown hair color


The third place is tape ins Real Tape Hair Extensions Black with Silver Human Hair #1B/Grey. Gray hair is no longer the unique hair color of the elderly. It has become synonymous with fashion, avant-garde, and popular. Black and gray are the colors of winter.

Ugeat human hair extensions

The fourth place in the category of tape ins. The color is Remy Tape in Hair Extensions Ombre Darkest Brown with Ash Blonde #1B/18/60. Icy Blonde Hair with Dark Underlayer. This high-contrast balayage is impressive! It blends with winter color.

balayage tape in extensions
The fifth appeared pure color. Unlike in June, in December, the most popular one was Off Black Color. This type of color is a natural hair color owned by many people in the world, and it is suitable for all skin tones and hairstyles. is also suitable for dark hair color in winter
natural balck human hair extensions


From these statistics, we can see that there is a big difference between the hair color that everyone likes in winter and summer. People prefer light-colored hair in summer and dark hair in winter. Of course, whether it’s summer or winter, tape in extensions and clip in hair extensions have always been your favorite category.


Ugeat hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair. The hair colors are diverse and the categories are complete. It can meet the needs of different customers. Ugeat Hair is the choice you won't regret. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you solve them.


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