What are Hair Scales? How to Protect Our Hair Scales?

what are hair scale

How to Protect Hair Scales?

The beauty of the hair is largely dependent on the health of the hair scales. What is the hair scale? It starts with the structure of hair:

How to protect hair scales

Hair scales, an integral part of a hair. The hair is mainly composed of the epidermis, cortex, and medulla layer, and the epidermis is made up of many small scales overlapping. This is what we call hair scales, which can be called a protective layer

The role of hair scales?

The small scales on the hairline are neatly arranged, which will refract more light, and the hair will look bright and beautiful; such as improper protection, strong brushing, blowing, or frequent shampooing, perming, dyeing, will damage the epidermis of the hair and make the hair Lose shine.

the methods to protect hair scales

What happens to the damaged hair scales?

Hair scales are damaged, the hair scales are arched or damaged, the hair begins to lose luster, and the hand feels rough. Some hair scales are lost, the cortex is exposed, and the hair becomes rough and dull. The further loss of hair cuticles weakens the cortex and dries out, causing the hair to split ends.

What happens to the damaged hair scales?

Causes of hair scale damage

  • Ultraviolet rays and strong ultraviolet rays will destroy the chain structure of keratin in the hair and cause its chain structure to break, which will cause the hair scales to rise and peel off.
  • Comb the hair backward, and comb the hair against the direction of hair growth.
  • Heating, use an electric heating curling iron or hairdryer on damp hair.
    Causes of hair scale damage

How to protect hair scales?

The correct washing procedure to protect the hair scales: Before washing your hair, you should comb your hair smoothly, but when the hair is wet, you must not force it; the water temperature should be 40°C-45°C. After the hair is thoroughly moistened, first foam the shampoo on your hands and apply it to the hair; massage with your fingertips when shampooing, and finally rinse off.


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