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Whit is Hair Weave?

What is Hair Weave? Everything you Need to Know.

Hair Weave Style Sew in

What is Hair Weave?

Hair wave has a lot of different names, such as Sew in Hair Extensions, Hair Bundles, Hair Weft, Weft Hair Bundles. It refers to the appearance of human hair by adding hair to natural heads. These artificial or human hairs may be added or used to cover the entire hair with a hairpiece.

Ugeat has a lot of categories of hair weave. Including Remy Weft Hair Extensions, Virgin Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions, Virgin Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions, Virgin Machine Made Hair Wefts, etc. They each have their own characteristics, please read "Flat Silk Weft Hair VS Hand-tied Weft Hair VS Machine Tied weft”, then you will learn more.

quality human hair bundles

Are Hair Weave and Hair Extensions are the same?

The answer is NO. Hair extensions contain hair weave. Hair extensions refer to artificial or human hair being attached to the natural hair of a person with the help of an adhesive or clip-on or other methods to lengthen the hair.

The Advantages of a Hair Weave?

Various ways of wearing: Hair Weave can be used with hair clips, glue, microbeads, or directly sewn to the hair, you can choose your favorite wearing method to match it.

Easy to care: You just need to wash your hair with warm water, use more conditioner and essential oils. You can easily care for your hair extensions. With great care, it will have a long lifespan.

how to apply hair weft

How many hair weaves do I need?

The number of hair wefts that you need depends on the type of look you want to create and the type of natural hair.

If you want to add hair volume, usually 1 pack is recommended, about 100 grams will do. If you want to create a natural hair extension, the most common is 2-3 packs, which requires about 200-300 grams.

hair extensions before and after

What are the most popular Hair weaves of Ugeat Hair?

In Remy Hair Extensions, Hair Weave Style Sew in Platinum Blonde Color Remy Human Hair #60 is the most popular hair. Platinum blonde hair color is a hot sale color in many categories. Of course, it is no exception in Hair Weaves.

Virgin Flat Silk Hair Weft is the most popular category in Virgin Hair. This hair is a weft sealed base. Therefore, it is more invisible than other categories of Hair Extensions, and it won’t get hair loss. So being loved by many customers.

flat sile hair weft

How to care Hair Weave?

Purchasing sulfate-free and alcohol-free products is a necessity. These ingredients strip the hair of its natural oils and will affect its integrity. This, in turn, makes the hair drier and more prone to tangling or matting. The current shampoos on the market are acidic, neutral, and weakly alkaline. We recommend neutral shampoos, which will cause the least damage to the hair.

Look for ingredients that add moisture to the hair-like argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and so on. Proper hair care products will reduce tangles and be easier to handle.

Additionally, using a high temperature when heat styling runs the risk of damaging the hair which can then cause breakage and shedding. This is why we recommend only use a low heat setting of 160°C. While our hair may be able to handle a high heat setting, our hair is also constantly getting revitalized from the scalp, whereas hair extensions don't receive the same amount of nutrients or oil to look silky and shiny.

care hair extensions tips

Do Hair Waves Damage my Real Hair?

For those who try to use hair extensions, you may hear the horror story about hair extensions, let your hair damage, shading, etc. In fact, if you can use these tip skills to be used and used, then hair waves won’t harm your real hair.

Seek out a professional hairstylist to style your hair extensions. Be sure to seek out a stylist that has experience dealing with hair extensions.

If you’re going to be gluing any extensions make sure it's on the scalp and not the hair for tracks (the weft part of a hair bundle). With frontals and closures glue in front of the hairline and not on the hairline - this can be extremely damaging to your hair if done incorrectly.

For styles that include braiding and cornrowing the hair, make sure the braids aren't too tight. Overly tight styles will cause tension all around the head and especially on the hairline. This can cause severe loss of edges and hair around the nape as well as lead to traction alopecia.

Don`t leave your extensions in for too long. 4-6 weeks should be the max in leaving in extensions. This should be shorter depending on your style, how the extensions are applied to your head and if you're sweating a lot or regularly.

Lastly, make sure you've invested in quality hair extensions(real human hair extensions). Poor quality hair can lead to allergic reactions that can lead to hair loss. It can also require a lot more maintenance which will cause more tension to your scalp and real hair.

platinum blonde sew in hair extensions

At Last

Thank you very much for your patience, we hope this article can help you. Ugeat Hair is committed to providing you with the best products, as well as the best service, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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