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real human hair extensions

What are the Advantages Between Virgin+ Hair, Virgin Hair, and Remy Hair?

The Advantages Between Virgin Hair and Remy Hair

Now Ugeat has different quality grades of hair extensions. Have you heard about them? Here, we will introduce to you different hair extensions. Allows you to have a more comprehensive understanding of Ugeat Hair.


Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair. Hair extensions are made from hair collected through different channels. After different production processes, the hair scales will be damaged to different degrees, and about 80% of the hair scales can be retained. Remy hair extensions are very soft and easy to use.


real human hair extensions

The Features of Remy Hair Extensions:

Can Be Dyed: Remy Hair Extensions can dye hair from light to dark color.

Looks Natural: Remy hair extensions are made of real human hair, so installing hair extensions on the hair will look very natural.

Cheap Price: Compared with virgin hair extensions, the price of remy hair will be cheaper. This is very suitable for women who like to change their hairstyle or hair color frequently or have a small budget.

Usage Time: The use time of remy hair extensions is about 12 weeks. For clip ins, which are very easy to install and disassemble, they can be used for a longer time.

Rich Colors: Remy hair extensions have a variety of colors, we have more than 50 different colors for you to choose from.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair is unprocessed human hair. Their material is hair without any perm, dyeing, bleaching, and other chemical treatments. The hair comes from one or two donors, which can ensure that 90% of the hair scales are intact and run in the same direction.

virgin hair extensions

The Features of Virgin Hair Extensions:

Can Be Dyed: Virgin Hair Extensions can dye hair from light to dark.

Higher Quality: Virgin hair extensions can retain more than 90% of hair scales. This means it has a higher quality. If he can install the correct method to take care of the hair extensions, his use time will exceed 10 months. The use time will be three times that of remy hair.

Looks More Natural: Virgin hair extensions are made of real human hair and require very few processing procedures to keep the hair in its most original state.

Usage Time: The use time of virgin hair extensions is about 8-12 months.

Virgin+ Hair Extensions

Virgin+ Hair is our highest quality product. Virgin+ Hair refers to hair extensions with all cuticles intact and no peeling. They are the highest quality hair extensions. The raw materials of Virgin+ hair extensions come from healthy adult hair. In the production process, there is almost no need to go through special treatment, and the hair preserves the most complete hair scales. Such high quality, so his price is also the most expensive.

hair extensions real human hair

The Source of Virgin +:

All Virgin+ hair is directly obtained from healthy human heads, and 1 Donor. The raw materials for real Virgin+ hair are all They are obtained when the hair still can absorb nutrients, and they are truly "living" hair.


Special Protection of Hair Scales:

We provide special protection for the cuticles, just like the raincoats we wear when it rains, to ensure that 90% of the scales are not damaged, which makes them even the same as their own hair.


The Most Stringent Quality Inspection Process:

Testing of Tangle and Shedding Each group of hair was tested for tangle ability, virgin+ hair performed well, in the case of the same rub, Virgin+ hair is Tangle Free & Shedding Free.


hair extensions before and after

Ugeat hair extensions are all made of 100% real human hair. The hair category is complete, the colors are diverse, and more than 50 different colors can be selected. We believe you can choose the product you like.


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