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Ugeat    Topper

ugeat virgin topper hair

Ugeat Topper is crafted using 100% real human hair and advanced techniques to create a premium human hair topper that seamlessly blends with your natural hair, resulting in a naturally lightweight effect. Ugeat Topper offers a variety of base sizes, lengths, and colors, making it the best choice for transforming your look and enhancing your appearance.

Why Choose Ugeat Topper?

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1.Realistic and Natural Appearance: Blends perfectly with your hair, giving the appearance of your natural hair.
2.Comfortable and Breathable Mono Base: Resists harmful elements like sweat, bacteria, harmful UV rays, and dust particles.
3.Handcrafted Weaving: Unique knotting technique ensures hair stays securely in place, reducing shedding. Lasts up to 8-12 months.
4. 6x7inches Virgin Topper for Versatile Styling: Ideal for creating bangs and accommodating various parting and styling preferences.

What's the Right Hair Topper for You?

Step1:Find Your Color

remy hair toppers

Step2:Choose Base Size

Choose the appropriate base according to the degree of hair loss on the crown.
Warm Tips:
Our clip in hair toppers is only suitable for people at the beginning and middle stages of thin hair, not suitable for the severe one already bald on the top because it needs hair to secure the clips.

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Step3: Choose Your Length

how choose topper length

Measure the length of your hair by using a ruler from the top of your hair to the bottom center at the back.When making a purchase, choose hair that is 1-2 inches longer than your hair length.

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Meet Your Desired Topper Hair

Ugeat toppers help you redefine your image, get ready to achieve the hair of your dreams!

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