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Topper Hair FAQ

Something You May Care About Toppers

📢Can I color it to match my hair color?

🔸Yes. Ugeat Toppers are made of real human hair. You can color the human hair topper to match your hair color. Please note only light colors can dye into dark colors. We suggest proceeding with a professional hairdresser for a better outcome.

📢How long does a hair topper last?

🔸Topper hair extensions are very easy to install and remove. With good and proper care, your hair topper can last longer than other hair extensions. Usually, hair toppers can last over six months. You can extend its longevity by not washing it as often as your natural hair. Another way to make it last longer is to store your hair topper in a box when not in use.

📢Who can wear a hair topper?

🔸Anyone can wear a hair topper. In fact, many women without hair loss love to wear hair toppers to add volume and thickness to their natural hair!

📢Can Topper Hair be worn with other extensions?

🔸Of course. Topper hair can be used with any other category of hair extensions. All of our Clip Ins, Halo Hair, and Hair Wefts work seamlessly with our Topper. We recommend ordering the same color for both products.

📢What kind of shampoo and conditioner should I use?

🔸Try your best to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as well as 100% natural hair products to keep hair extensions in good condition. 

🔸Be careful not to apply conditioner to the replacement tapes when washing your hair. Avoid replacement tapes that are not sticky.

📢What do I need to do before I go to bed?

🔸Don’t sleep with toppers. This will make your toppers last longer. A good habit is to tie your hair into a braid to keep hair from tangling at night.

📢How can I choose a topper that is right for me?

🔸If you are unsure which color will match you, feel free to send us an email to of your hair taken outside in natural light and we would love to color match you.

🔸If there is no color or thickness you like here. You can also contact us and we can customize it for you.

Answered All Your Questions About Hair Toppers