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How to wash hair toppers?

How to wash hair toppers?

How to wash hair toppers?

Depending on how often you wear a topper determines how often you will need to wash it. For daily use, I recommend you wash it every 2-4 weeks, depending on your level of activity. Experts suggest that it is better to wash the hair toppers after ten times you wore the topper.

1. First of all, you need to prepare your topper for washing. You need to comb your topper properly and make sure the hair topper does not contain any knots or tangles. You need to comb your hair topper from start to end gently.
2. Now, fill your sink with cold water and put in one to two squeezes of shampoo. please use high-quality salon-grade shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free shampoo is ideal. Simply fill up your sink with cold water and mix a coin size amount of the shampoo into the water to create a soapy lather. Dip the topper into the water, holding onto the part (base) area to avoid tangling. Work the piece into the soapy water by dipping it in and out of the water and work the suds into the hair. Empty the sink and rinse the shampoo out with running water. Shampoo your piece twice if you feel it needs it. Use the same method as the conditioning process. Do not rub conditioner directly onto the scalp area or on any part of the cap as this may cause the knots to loosen over time.

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3. It is time to apply conditioner to your hair topper. Like shampoo, you must choose a high-quality and safe conditioner. At times, strands are knotted onto the lace. If you apply the conditioner to your topper, the knots will be undone and the strands will fall out.
Be aware that protein-based hair products like Olaplex can dry out and break down the keratin bonds of the hair on your topper, and can potentially cause matting.
4. You need to wait for two minutes at least after applying the condition to your topper. After two minutes, you can wash your hair topper with cold water. Wash it until the water runs clear.

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5. If you are using the leave-in conditioner on your hair topper, then you do not need to wash it after applying the conditioner.
6. You should squeeze the water from your hair topper and let the topper dry. Your topper should be dried well for the next use.
If your topper contains any silicone inside the cap, wipe the silicone down with soapy water or alcohol wipes every 1-2 wears to clean.

6 Don'ts:

1. Don’t wash the hair topper too frequently. While washing the hair can help to keep it clean, it can also strip it of its moisture leading to brittleness.

2. Don’t wash a hair topper while in the shower.

3. Don’t use hot water when washing the topper hair.

4. Don’t brush out tangles while the hair is still wet.

5. Don’t wring or shake the hair to remove excess water.

6. Don’t forget to condition the hair topper! Skipping this step accelerates hair dryness.

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