The Habit Hand-tied Extension Method

the habit hand-tied extensions method

The Habit Hand-tied Extension Method

Why more and more people choose to buy Hand-tied Hair Weft?

Due to their seamless look? or they will not cause lumps at the crown or stick out from the regrowth of one’s natural hair. Maybe that's right!

 Ugeat hand tied hair weft

Hand-tied Wefts are perfect for those with extremely thin hair, they are easier to blend into your natural hair, and harder to detect, Ugeat Hand-Tied Wefts can be heat styled and allowing for multiple wefts to be layered without damage to one’s natural hair.

What are the advantages of Hand-tied Hair Weft?

High Quality Full Cuticle Hair

Our Hand-tied Hair Weft is made of our Virgin Hair, which can ensure the integrity of hair scales above 90%. Under the correct care method, the hand tied hair weft can be reused, Usually it can be used for 9-12 months.

Thinner and lighter than machine-tied hair

what is the difference between hand tied weft and machine weft

The hand-tied wefts are composed of micro-fine, flat wefts that lay discreetly against the scalp, they are the most undetectable and comfortable extensions available.

Can be installed using a variety of application methods

4 ways to wear hand tied hair weft


Hand-Tied wefts should never be cut during installations as they will unravel.

More Details About How to Wear Hand-tied Hair Weft

how to wear hand tied hair weft

 Best way to wear hand tied hair weft

How do hand-tied extensions work?

Habit hand-tied hair extensions are sewn into your hair. It can both thicken and lengthen your hair, You can use them long-term to enhance your current head of hair. 

How long is the life of the Hand-tied Hair Weft?

The Hand-tied Weft are typically good for 8-10 moths. As your hair grows, the wefts will move further from your scalp. so in order to better use the hair weft, you need to take the hair out and return to your natural hair or get the wefts moved up. 

How much do hand-tied extensions cost?

The cost of the extensions can vary depending on the quantity, the color, etc. It is best to confirm with your stylist but $75-100 per weft is pretty average. If you’re trying to lengthen your hair, you should expect to use more wefts.

If you still have question about  Hand-tied hair Weft or how to choose the right Hair Extension, maybe contact us is your best choice, and we are sure we will help you.

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