What are the Different Types of Tape in Extensions?

What are the Different Types of Tape in Extensions?

What are the Different Types of Tape in Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions is one of the most popular methods of semi-permanent hair extensions on the market today. Have you ever used tape in hair extensions? Do you know what the different types of tape in hair extensions are? Let's find out.

Extensions are pre-taped and then taped to the sides of your own hair. Typically a hairdresser would get "taped-in" in between your hair in " sandwich" like bonds.  
Depending on the raw material: Tape in hair extensions can be divided into virgin tape in extensions and remy tape in hair extensions.

Remy Tape in Extensions

Remy Tape in Hair extensions is made from hair collected through different channels. After different production processes, the hair scales will be damaged to different degrees, and about 80% of the hair scales can be retained. Remy tape in extensions is very soft and easy to use. The size of the replacement tape is usually 4*0.4 cm. Remy Tape in Hair extensions is thin PU tape wefts. This method is natural, requires no tools or chemicals, lasts up to three months and the hair is reusable!

Virgin Tape in hair

Virgin tape in hair extensions is unprocessed human hair. Their material is hair without any perm, dyeing, bleaching, and other chemical treatments. The hair comes from one or two donors, which can ensure that 90% of the hair scales are intact and run in the same direction. This retains the moisture of the hair better, so the hair lasts longer. Virgin tape in hair lasts approximately 8-12 months.

According to the shape of tape in hair extensions, it can be divided into classical tape in hair extensions, injection tape in hair extensions, flower tape in hair extensions.

virgin tape in hair extensions

Classical tape in hair extensions

Classical tape in hair extensions is one of our most common products. Classical Tape in Extensions is a form of hair extensions glued with medical-grade adhesive. By using replaceable double-sided tapes spread as an adhesive to maintain the extension of the hair. The tape can be reused and cut into smaller hair extension pieces at will. Therefore, compared with other types of hair extensions, tape in hair extensions are more invisible, seamless, and comfortable.

Injection tape in extensions

Injection tape in extensions is a kind of tape ins. There are some differences between it and regular tape in extensions in the production process. Seamless inject tape in hair extension is produced by injection technology, in which individual hairs are injected into the PU weft of the tape. Therefore it does not have short hair at the top. More invisible and seamless.

inject tape in hair extensions

Flower Tape in Hair Extensions

Flower Tape in Hair Extensions is the newest category of Tape-ins. Invisible tape in extensions is more flexible when worn and can be installed in different places by cutting the tape as needed. Flower invisible tape in extensions is easy to install, flexible and adjustable

flower tape in extensions

Compared with regular tape ins, the advantages of injection tape in extensions?

Imitates the growth of natural hair roots, making it more natural to use
Using injection technology, it is thinner, softer, invisible, and seamless
Unique Cuticle Aligned Technology, No harm to natural hair.
Walker Tape imported from US sticky anti-dropping, reusable, durable
Using new technology, hair is smoother than traditional hair

Compared with regular tape ins, the advantages of flower tape in extensions?

More Invisible and Natural
More Flexible and Adjustable
The tape can be cut and applied in different places according to the number of flowers without measuring

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