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What is Injection Tape in Extensions

What is Injection Tape in Extensions? Everything You Need to Know

Virgin Injection Tape in Hair Extensions

Less than a year has passed since the introduction of Injection Tape-In Hair Extensions. Yet, they've swiftly gained immense popularity among female customers, to the extent that supply has struggled to keep up with demand. What enchanting qualities does this innovation possess to garner such adoration? Let's embark on a journey of discovery together~


Virgin Hair Extensions

Before delving into the world of Injection Tape-In Extensions, it's essential to acquaint ourselves with the concept of virgin hair. Virgin Hair Extensions stand out as a premium choice among hair extensions. In contrast to Remy Human Hair Extensions, the distinguishing factor lies in the sourcing. Remy hair is derived from various donors, resulting in hair cuticles that are oriented in diverse directions. This necessitates the use of acid and alkali treatments during production, causing significant damage to the cuticles.

Nevertheless, the fundamental source of virgin hair extensions is hair directly collected from the scalp of a healthy adult. This unprocessed hair is of superior quality, untouched by curling or coloring. The hair cuticles maintain a uniform orientation, negating the need for intricate treatments during production. Retaining over 90% of their natural hair scales, these extensions uphold their structural integrity exceptionally well. This characteristic enables them to preserve hair moisture more effectively.

Virgin Hair offers the distinct advantage of prolonging the lifespan of hair extensions.

Injection Tape-In Hair Extensions exclusively utilize virgin hair, exemplifying a superior tier of hair extensions. This very characteristic stands as one of the driving factors behind the widespread preference for Injection Tape-In Hair Extensions among numerous customers.

virgin hair extensions

Regular Tape In Hair Extensions

Let's also explore the realm of Regular Tape in Extensions. These extensions entail a technique where hair is affixed using medical-grade adhesive. This involves utilizing replaceable double-sided tapes as the adhesive agent to secure the hair extensions. The beauty of this method lies in the reusability of the tape, which can be repositioned and trimmed into smaller segments as needed for the extensions. Consequently, in comparison to alternative hair extension methods, tape-in hair extensions boast superior invisibility, seamlessness, and comfort.

the difference between regular tape ins and injection tape ins

What is Injection Tape in Hair Extensions?

Now, let's delve into the realm of Inject Tape-In Hair Extensions!

Inject Tape in Hair Extensions represent an evolution in production technology from traditional tape-in extensions. This innovation emulates the appearance of a human scalp. The seamless inject tape-in hair extension is crafted through injection technology, wherein individual strands of hair are intricately injected into the PU weft of the tape. Consequently, this design eliminates the presence of short hair at the top, rendering the extensions even more imperceptible and seamless.

Once installed, injection tape-in extensions achieve a remarkably natural look, resembling hair that's organically emerging from our own scalps.

invisible inject tape in extensions

The Advantage of Injection Tape in Hair Extensions?

The manufacturing process emulates scalp growth, resulting in an even more imperceptible and seamlessly natural appearance.

Utilizing an innovative cuticle alignment technique, it guarantees no harm to natural hair.

The extensions are reusable, facilitated by the utilization of replacement tapes.

The imported Walker Tape from the US ensures adhesive strength, reusability, and long-lasting durability.

Installation follows a straightforward process, aligned with the conventional tape installation method.

They provide unparalleled comfort when compared to other types of headband extensions.

As virgin hair extensions, they remain free from knots and dryness, ultimately contributing to their prolonged lifespan.
injection tape in hair extensions

How Long Do Injected Tape in Extensions Stay In?

Injected Tape-In Hair Extensions typically have a lifespan of 8 to 12 months, and sometimes even longer with the proper care regimen.

To ensure they remain in their best condition, they should be reinstalled every 4-6 weeks. The longevity largely depends on the rate of your hair growth. The application involves using adhesive weft tape, which doesn't necessitate heat, allowing your natural hair to seamlessly continue its growth while wearing the extensions.

Can Inject Tape In Hair Be Curled, Dyed, or Bleached?

Injected Tape in hair extensions are crafted from premium quality virgin human hair. When it comes to dyeing and curling these extensions, the answer is a definitive YES.

Regarding bleaching, many sellers typically respond with a NO. However, we present the same answer, albeit with a unique twist. Presenting the natural black injection tape-in extensions, a color that defies the norm. This hair is directly sourced from the bundle, maintaining the hair's original hue without undergoing any chemical treatments during production. As such, it can be bleached just like our own natural hair.

Nevertheless, it's vital to note that bleaching can lead to substantial hair extension damage, significantly reducing their lifespan. Consequently, we don't recommend bleaching your hair extensions.
hair extensions before and after

At Last!

Did our introduction of Injection Tape-In Hair Extensions resonate with you?

Injected tape hair extensions have emerged as a product that caters to customers' desire for invisibility, offering an exceptionally cost-effective solution to achieve a natural skin-like appearance without knots.

In contrast to regular tape-in extensions, Injection tape-in extensions offer heightened realism and invisibility. They seamlessly meld with natural hair, effectively concealing themselves. Moreover, they are gentle on your natural hair, posing no risk of damage.


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