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Common Hair Extension Problems and How to Avoid Them.

Common Hair Extension Problems and How to Avoid Them.

The methods to Avoid Hair Extension Problems

As we all know, hair extension is a great way to enhance your hair length and volume - But we may all meet some problems, like Why are my hair extensions breaking? Why my hair tangled and Shedding? why my hair only last a few months etc.

Hair extension can easily change hair color and length

These are not only related to the quality of hair extension, but also more affected by nursing factors. We’ve compiled a list of common hair extension problems and asked the leading experts how to fix them, hope that can help you get the gorgeous hair!

Why did my Hair Extensions Fall Off?

To determine the solution, we need to analyze the cause first. There are two forms of shedding. One is the hair shedding from the hair extension. This is determined by the factory. If you have this kind of problem, we recommend contacting your supplier immediately. Ugeat will not have this problem.

The second type refers to the tape in hair falling off the hair entirely. As time goes by, the viscosity of the tapes decreases. This is not a quality issue, we recommend replacing the tape once every 4 weeks. If it falls off early, we will give priority to judging that this is a problem with the way of wearing. There are some tips to help you better wear Tape in hair Extension:

How to wear Ugeat tape in hair extension

1.Use clean and uncondition hair

2.Do not wash them after 72 hours

3.Do not rush the root

Correct and reasonable use of hair extensions is always a good way to extend the life of hair extensions.

Hair Breaks from The Middle

Under normal circumstances, hair extensions rarely break from the middle. Ugeat have never received feedback on this type of situation, but if the hair really breaks from the middle, we judge that it is due to over-treatment, which causes the hair to lose its elasticity.

1.High styling temperature                            

We recommend the styling temperature do not higher than 180°C(= 356°F)

2.Bleaching the hair

We do not recommend bleaching the hair. On the one hand, excessive bleaching will cause the hair to lose its elasticity and break off easily. On the other hand, if the color is not handled well, it may affect the use.

Why is My Hair So Tangled After Washing? 

As we know, hair extensions are hair that has fallen out. It loses the ability to absorb nutrients, but at the same time they also lose the ability to secrete oil, so we don’t need to require the same number of washing times as our own hair. More likely, we recommend that you clean them as little as possible, which will help extend their life.

How to Fix Dry & Frizzy Human Hair Extension?

How to fix dry human hair extension

If your hair really has tangles, we recommend that you use conditioner or hair oil for treatment immediately. , Reduce the number of shampoos, try not to use a hair dryer, and let it dry naturally, and we also wirte this before, if you want to know more about How to Fix & Frizzy Human Hair Extension, please check it out.

Why my Hair Extension only last a few month?


Virgin hair is our highest quality hair extensions

Usually, our Remy Hair can be used 3-6 weeks, but one of our customer who uses our clip in hair extension last 2 years, so you know that how important of hair care, prevention is a more effective way than treatment. Our Virgin Hair can last more than 1 year, because the virgin hair has never been chemically treated and the hair scales are more complete, so if possible, we really recommend you use our virgin hair, now we provide 20% off for our Virgin Hair, you can use the Code: Virgin 20 to shop our high quality hair, believe us, a higher quality hair can reduce a lot of troubles in care.

Buy Virgin Hair Now

If you have aother question about hair ectension choose, or hair color choose, you can Contact US directly, we will definitely help you!


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