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Ugeat Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Exploring Varieties of Pre-bonded Hair Extensions A Comprehensive Guide

We are committed to the continuous exploration and improvement of our hair extensions. We collect customer feedback and pass it on to our team of experts and strive to consistently enhance and elevate the quality of our products. New products are constantly being developed to provide customers with a better experience.

Our product categories of pre-bonded hair extensions undergo constant enrichment and development. From the original Itip hair extensions, Utip hair extensions, Nono tip hair extensions, flat tip hair extensions, and micro loop hair extensions to the current Ktip hair extensions. From the original remy human hair extensions to the present higher quality virgin hair extensions. These ongoing updates aim to provide consumers with an enhanced experience, allowing for more comfortable and virtually invisible increases in hair length and volume. Join us today to explore the diverse types of pre-bonded hair extensions!

About Virgin Hair and Remy Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair extensions are crafted from hair directly sourced from the heads of healthy adults. This unprocessed hair retains over 90% of its natural hair scales. Ensuring superior moisture retention and preventing dryness and tangling. As a result, these extensions boast prolonged usability. With proper care, your hair can maintain its quality and last between 8 to 12 months.


virgin hair extensions


Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair extensions are created from naturally fallen hair. The orientation of the hair strands is unpredictable. This randomness makes it challenging to discern the direction of the hair cuticles, leading to inconsistency. Inconsistent directions of hair cuticles can easily cause hair tangles. To address potential tangling issues, acid treatment is applied during production to remove hair scales. Consequently, remy hair extensions tend to be thinner and softer compared to virgin hair extensions. With appropriate care, these can be used for approximately 2-3 months.

About Different Type of Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Ktip Hair Extensions

Ktip hair extensions are the latest pre-bonded hair extensions. Its roots are shaped like the letter "V", and it is also called Vtip hair extensions. These extensions combine the best features of Utip and flat tip hair extensions, offering an innovative product that leverages the advantages of both. Crafted with Italian keratin glue at the top, compatible with both cold fusion and hot fusion methods, providing a flexible installation process. This adaptability has garnered love from a growing customer base, making Ktip hair extensions a popular choice among our clientele.


ktip hair extensions


Utip Hair Extensions

Utip hair extensions are named after the "U" shape at the top, and they are also shaped like a human fingernail. Also referred to as "nail tip hair extensions". These extensions are applied using a heat fusion process. Skilled hairstylists employ specialized tools at the optimal temperature to securely attach them to your natural hair. This technique, widely recognized as heat fusion hair extensions, ensures a seamless integration for a natural and stylish look.


utip fusion hair extensions


Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Flat tip extensions share similarities with Utip extensions, with the key distinction lying in their shape - flat, as the name suggests. Like Utip extensions, they are applied through hot fusion, following a similar process. The flat design enhances versatility and ensures a seamless application for a stylish and natural appearance.


flat tip hair extensions


Itip Hair Extensions

Itip Hair Extensions are named after the unique "I" shape at the top. Notably versatile, these extensions can be installed through both hot fusion and cold fusion methods, providing flexibility in the application. Wearers have the freedom to choose the method that aligns with their preferences. Opting for cold fusion involves utilizing micro rings and securing the extensions to your hair with pliers, offering a customizable and adaptable approach to achieving your desired look.


Ugeat itip hair extensions


Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Nano tip hair extensions share similarities with traditional I-tip extensions, distinguished by a small piece of wire at the tip. This design allows for discreet installation using tiny rings, nearly imperceptible to the eye. Therefore, when you wear it, it will be more comfortable and invisible. Unlike Itip extensions, Nano tip extensions are exclusively worn with cold fusion, utilizing distinct tools such as mini Nano Rings Links Beads.


nano tip hair extensions


Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro loop hair extensions, also known as micro ring or micro bead extensions. It is the most popular pre-bonded hair extensions today. Setting them apart is their remarkably simple application method, making them more user-friendly compared to other pre-bonded options. What's notable is that you can enlist the help of relatives or friends to assist in the application, eliminating the need for a hairstylist and resulting in cost savings. The extensions are affixed to natural hair using small beads, with the added convenience of pre-attached beads simplifying the overall wearing process.


micro loop hair extensions real human hair


At Last

Explore the distinctiveness among various pre-bonded hair extensions, primarily characterized by the shape of their hair tops. The diverse shapes result in different application methods, offering a range of options to cater to individual preferences. We understand that everyone has unique tastes, and to provide you with ample choices, we offer a variety of hair extensions. Your preference matters to us – which type resonates with you the most? Embrace the diversity and find the perfect fit for your personal style.

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