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How to Fight Hair Loss? Use Hair Extensions to Solve Hair Loss

How to Fight Hair Loss? Use Hair Extensions to Solve Hair Loss

Use Hair Extensions to Solve Hair Loss

Are you troubled by hair loss? What causes your hair loss?

Whether you are urban women working outside, or a mother who is pregnant and waiting for a baby to be born at home. There is no age limit, hair loss may become a major problem for contemporary women.

Hair loss has become a problem for more and more women. What is the reason? Stress in life, irregular life and rest, women’s pregnancy and childbirth, diseases, etc. These are all causes of hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss, don't let go and try hair extensions. This should be the most economical and effective way to solve the problem of thinning hair.

For different levels of hair loss, Ugeat Hair will also recommend different types of hair extensions to you.


For Not a Serious Hair Loss Problem

If your hair loss problem is not particularly serious, you can try the following categories.

Tape in Hair Extensions

The biggest advantage of Tape in Extensions is its invisibility. Tape in hair extensions uses replaceable double-sided tapes, one side is attached to the PU weft of the hair extensions, and the other side is attached to your own hair. Tape ins can be reused by replacement tapes, and can also be cut arbitrarily to make smaller hair extensions. Therefore, it is very light and invisible.

Especially Injections tape in extensions. Inject tape ins uses the latest hair extensions production technology to make tape ins more invisible and more realistic, just like hair growing from the scalp.

So if your hair loss problem is not particularly serious now, your hair can hide the tape ins. Try our cheaper remy hair extensions tape ins. If you have a sufficient budget, we recommend you use higher quality virgin hair extensions tape ins. Because virgin hair extensions are just like natural hair. Save the intact hair scales. The use time can exceed one year


blonde hair tape in hair extensions


Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in Extensions is the simplest type of hair extension to use. Clip in hair extensions are fixed using clips. The wearing method is simple. You can easily change your appearance in just five minutes. Therefore, compared to other types of hair extensions, they can last longer and require less time to take care of. We have received feedback from customers. Some customers can use remy clip in extensions for more than 1 year.

The use of Clip ins is so simple, it is very suitable for women who need to hurry to work every day. You only need to spare five minutes to increase the hair volume quickly.


Before and after of Ugeat hair


Hair Weft

Sew in Hair Extensions is the most popular type of hair extension. It can be installed by using glue/tapes, clips, sew in directly, and micro beads. Using a hair weft can easily improve your hair loss problem.


Micro Loop Hair Extensions/ I-tip hair extensions

Ugeat Pre-bonded Hair Extensions Micro Loop Hair Extensions and I-tip Hair Extensions are more invisible and almost undetectable hair extensions. They can all be worn with micro beaded. The small bead size makes the hair extension less noticeable, seamless, and natural. It is an excellent choice for women with slight hair loss.

hair extensions before and after

Flip in Hair Extensions

Halo hair extension is a product similar to sew in hair extension. Compared with ordinary hair wefts, it is fixed by the clips and fishing line which the length can be adjusted arbitrarily. But Flip in halo hair extensions cannot be cut. It is easy to wear and can be installed and removed by yourself. If you can master this wearing method, you can also complete the installation within two minutes.


For Serious Hair Loss Problem

When your hair loss is serious, even reaching the level of baldness. Then we recommend you use hair toppers or hair wigs. These two types of hair extensions can conceal your hair loss to the greatest extent.

Topper hair has different base sizes, which can help you save your hair loss problem to different degrees.

Ugeat high quality human hair extensions

Hope our recommendation is helpful to you. Hope our products can help you solve your hair loss problem. Ugeat hair extensions are all made of real human hair. Using hair extensions will not cause any harm to the original hair. Whether you want to increase hair length or increase hair volume. Ugeat hair extensions you deserve to have.


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I need larger micro ring for the i tip hair I already have do you sale them

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