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tape in extensions

More about Tape-In Hair Extensions

The secret to make you more confident-hair extensions

Hair extensions-once you try, you can't keep stopping wearing them! The rapid increase in hair volume and a variety of color options give you great confidence. As long as you choose suitable hair extensions and wear them properly, hair extensions can enhance your beauty and make you look and feel better. There are many types of hair extensions and it is very easy to install. Do you know which kind of hair extension is most popular?


Tape in hair extensions

Yes, tape-ins is indeed the favorite hair extension product for hair extension enthusiasts. Why?

Easy to apply: tape-ins usually takes less than an hour to apply, which reduces the cost of the application, and you can even install it at home without paying high fees to the salon.

Invisible & Natural: Due to its thin construction and soft texture, after the tape is installed on your hair, you can hardly feel its presence. So you may forget them till they fall off. This feature is very suitable for you to wear on various occasions in your life, such as weddings, parties, shopping with friends, etc.

(A few months ago, a customer who often bought tape-ins in our store told us that she had been wearing tapes for several years and that the tape extensions did look natural, just like her own hair. Her colleagues and friends didn't believe that she kept wearing tape-ins when she told them!)

Reusable: The stickiness of the tape will gradually decrease with time. When it falls off from your hair, you can use replacement tapes to make it can be reused.

No DamageAs long as you use it in the correct method, your hair will not be damaged.


Type of tape-ins

Tape-in Hair extensions are thin tape wefts,  that get “taped-in” in between your hair in “sandwich” like bonds.  This method is natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months and the hair is reusable! 

apply for tape in hair extensions

Injection tape hair extensions are more advanced than the normal tape method for which hair has been injected into the tape tops so they look like hair growing from the scalp.

injection tape ins


How To Care For Tape-in Hair Extensions?

  • Wait 48 hours before washing your hair – Not getting your hair wet for 48 hours will allow the tape-ins to fully bond.
  • Avoid conditioner touching tapes – It can start to break down the glue, so conditioning your hair from mid-shaft to the ends will help prevent this and make your hair last longer!
  • Use A Wide-tooth Comb to Brush – Gently brush through the hair extensions and will prevent tangles! Doing this at least twice a day will prevent tangles. You could hold your hair and start from the bottom and move to the top, that way you can control the amount of pull on hair ends.
  • Limit the number of times you wash your hair – It will help lengthen the lifespan of your extensions! Hair extensions take a lot longer to dry, so limiting the number of washes will help speed along with your daily routine.
wash your tape hair extensions

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