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the habit hand-tied extensions method
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The Habit Hand-tied Extension Method

The Habit Hand-tied Extension Method

Why are an increasing number of individuals opting to purchase hand-tied hair wefts? 

Could it be their seamless appearance or their ability to avoid creating bulges at the crown or protruding from one's natural hair regrowth? Those reasons might indeed be accurate!

Ugeat hand tied hair weft

Hand-tied Wefts prove to be an excellent choice for individuals with very fine hair. They seamlessly integrate with your own natural hair, making them difficult to detect. Ugeat Hand-Tied Wefts offer the added advantage of being heat styleable and permit the layering of multiple wefts without causing damage to your natural hair.

What are the advantages of Hand-tied Hair Weft?

High Quality Full Cuticle Hair

Ugeat Hand-tied Hair Weft is crafted from Virgin Hair, ensuring that over 90% of the hair cuticles remain intact. With proper care, these hand-tied hair wefts can be reused, typically offering a lifespan of 8-12 months.

Thinner and lighter than machine-tied hair

what is the difference between hand tied weft and machine weft

The hand made wefts consist of micro-fine, flat wefts that lie discreetly against the scalp. They are the most imperceptible and comfortable extensions currently available.

Can be installed using a variety of application methods

4 ways to wear hand tied hair weft


It's important to note that Hand-Tied wefts should never be cut during installation, as this can cause them to unravel.

More Details About How to Apply Hand-tied Hair Weft

how to wear hand tied hair weft

 Best way to wear hand tied hair weft

How do hand-tied extensions work?

Habit hand-tied hair extensions are sewn into your hair, providing both thickness and length. They offer a long-term solution to enhance your existing hair.

What is the lifespan of the Hand-tied Hair Weft?

Hand-tied Wefts generally maintain their quality for around 8-10 months. As your hair grows, the wefts will naturally shift away from your scalp. To make the most of your hair weft, it's recommended to remove and reposition them in alignment with your natural hair growth or have the wefts adjusted.

How much do hand-tied extensions cost?

The cost of these extensions can fluctuate based on factors like quantity and color. It's advisable to consult your stylist, but typically, an average range is between $75 to $100 per weft. If your goal is to achieve longer hair, anticipate using a greater number of wefts.

If you have further inquiries about Hand-tied Hair Weft or need guidance on selecting the appropriate Hair Extension, reaching out to us would be the optimal approach. We are confident in our ability to provide assistance.


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