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Why Choose Virgin Hair?

Why Should You Choose Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is sourced from full cuticle virgin human hair. Virgin hair denotes hair that remains completely untouched by chemical processing or treatments such as coloring, perming, relaxing, or any other chemical procedures. It's hair that has never encountered heat styling tools. In comparison to Remy hair, our virgin hair can withstand proper care for over a year.

full cuticle hair tape in hair extension
the difference between virgin hair and remy hair

⭐Unique Cuticle Aligned Technology: Our hair is dyed using plant extracts, ensuring no damage to the hair.
⭐Hair treated with this innovative technology is silkier and smoother compared to traditional hair.
⭐Enhanced Hair Cuticles: Our hair cuticles are more intact, resulting in healthier and stronger hair. This leads to a longer lifespan compared to regular hair available in the market.

⭐ Virgin Hair is smoother and shinier compared to Remy Hair after shampooing, making it easier to comb through. Our half-year testing indicates that Virgin Hair experiences minimal weight loss and demonstrates a stronger water retention ability.