Why choose U tip hair?

Why choose U tip hair extensions?

🔸New appearance

The u tip hair extension provides you a new appearance, similar to having a certain trim or a fringe. When opposed to short hair, long hair is easier to style.


The extension may be made to match the color of your hair. On individual strands, a color mix may be utilized to add highlights and lowlights.

🔸Thick hair

This hair extension is appropriate for coarse, thick hair. If you don’t have good hair growth, you can use a u tip extension to add length and volume to your hair.


The re-bonded u tip hair extension is from Italian Keratin, a protein component present in natural hair. This gives your hair a more natural appearance while also reducing breakage.

🔸Undetectable bonds

The strands are at the tips near to the hairline and smoothed by hand throughout the application procedure. As a result, the hair attachments are nearly unnoticeable.

🔸Less heat

The hot fusion applicator, like a conventional flat iron, simply heats the hair for a few seconds and is not as hot as a typical flat iron, so there is no hair damage.