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6 Easy Ways To Get Perfect Beach Waves Ever

6 Easy Ways To Get Perfect Beach Waves Ever

Easy Ways To Get Perfect Beach Waves



Summer is here, and the seaside is our best vacation spot. Enjoying summer life, how can you lack exquisite hairstyles? Beachy waves are a universally beloved hairstyle.


Beachy waves are also a hairstyle favored by many celebrities, such as Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, and Chrissy Teigen, to name a few. How to achieve such a popular hairstyle by yourself? If you think the thought of mastering those loose curls sounds a little daunting, please don't worry, these tutorials make pulling off the trending summer look so easy. What are you waiting for! Let's learn together!


Easy Loose Loose Beach Waves -- Five Minute

The most common way to get a beach weave when using a curling iron. Use the curling iron on a low heat setting and work from the back to the front at a time to ensure all hair is curled, spray the ends with a texturizing spray for volume and a drop of moisturizing oil on the ends to keep hair looking healthy.




Five-Minute Beach Waves -- Five Minute


Beachy waves don't usually start at the roots of the hair. If you're worried about having a lot of hair and messy hair, you can't get it all curled. Maybe you can try putting your hair in a ponytail first and then curling it little by little with a curling iron. This is an amazing time-saving styling method. It only takes five minutes to create a beautiful, atmospheric beach wave.



Beach Waves with a Straightener or Flat Iron -- 10-20 Minutes

Many tools are now available for multiple purposes. The Straightener or Flat Iron not only straightens your hair but also curls your hair. Helps you style beach weave hairstyles. Please make sure your flat iron is facing down to the floor rather than horizontally. For even more gloss, mist dry hair with a shine-enhancing finishing sprays as a last step.




Sleep-in Ponytail Beach Waves -- 8-10 Hours

You just need to sleep and even get Beach Waves! ! ! This method is the most friendly to your hair. No need for any heating tools, you just need to wait until your hair is 90% dry before preparing it before bed. First, leave the front part of the hair out, then turn the head over like you're going to make a tall horse on top, divide it into three equal sections, and make a regular braid. Don't be so tight that it gets in the way of volume; leave an inch and a half at the bottom and secure with an elastic at the end. In the morning, gently untie the braids and shake the hair from the roots.




Curling Headband Beach Waves -- 8-10 Hours

It's also a beach wave that doesn't require hot styling. Achieve a beach weave by using a Curling Headband. You only need to wrap your hair around the curling headband for a loose, straight-forward look. A very simple way!




Wave Spray Beach Waves -- 2 Minutes

The last way is also a beach wave look that doesn't require hot styling. Use wave sprays on damp or dry hair to create natural waves, enhance the body and give hair memory. It allows you to get beach weave in the shortest time.



There are many ways to get beach waves. If you are styling by using heated tools. Please spray heat protection spray before heating. This will protect our hair well.


After watching the video you should have learned some methods. Follow us here as we will update all kinds of hair extensions. Hope it helps you learn more. Any questions please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.



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