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How to make hair extensions blend naturally

How to make hair extensions blend naturally

Human Hair extensions are a popular choice for those looking to enhance their natural hair or experiment with different styles. However, we concern is making the extensions blend seamlessly with our own hair. In this article, we will explore some tips on how to make human hair extensions blend naturally for a flawless look.

Why can't my hair extensions blend in?

1.Hair extensions color does not match your natural hair

Matching your hair color with the extension is crucial for a seamless blend. When we install hair extensions at the salon, our stylists mix colors to blend the extensions with your natural hair color, ensuring a perfect match.
If you've purchased the wrong color and the product hasn't been used, you can contact us within the 100-day return policy period for a refund or color exchange. You can also purchase our color ring for the most accurate match, allowing you to compare your natural hair with the color ring to find the best match for your hair. Please note that when matching colors, the mid-length and end colors of the extensions should match the natural hair, as this is where the extensions are displayed.
color matching

2.The weight of the purchase is incorrect or the purchased hair extension category is not suitable for the hair texture.

The weight and thickness of the hair extension are another key factor to consider when striving for a perfect blend. In order for the hair extension to seamlessly blend into natural hair, even people with thick hair need to use thick hair extensions, otherwise there may be gaps that show the hair extension, making it look unnatural. If you are using tape in hair extensions, choosing double drawn tape in hair would be a wise choice to ensure a natural blend with the ends of your natural hair. Typically, we recommend purchasing 150-200 grams, which can be used for a full head of extensions. If you want to add length and volume, we recommend purchasing 250-300 grams.
If your hair is thin, you need to consider the weight of the hair extension and the accessories on it. Therefore, clip in hair extensions, hair wefts, and halo weft hair may not be suitable for people with thin hair. Not only will they show traces of the hair extension, but also the heavy weight of the extensions can damage the natural hair over time, affecting hair health. For people with fine hair texture and thin hair, we recommend seamless injection tape ins and Nano tip hair extensions, as they are more invisible and blend perfectly with natural hair.

3.The length of the hair extension is not suitable.

For shorter hair, we recommend using tape-in hair extensions or nano bond hair extensions, which can be trimmed to blend perfectly with your natural hair. Other types of hair extensions may be visible and fail to achieve a seamless blend. If your hair is longer, we suggest purchasing hair bundles or clip-ins to add volume to the ends, which will create a more natural look.
You can also refer to our length guide to choose the appropriate hair extension length for you. Of course, contacting us for consultation before making a purchase will provide you with better assistance.
How to make hair extensions blend naturally

How to make hair extensions blend more naturally with natural hair?

1.By styling, natural hair and hair extensions can blend seamlessly together.

Divide the hair from the nape of the neck to the front of the ears into several sections and comb through the hair from front to back. After installing the hair extensions, comb the natural hair together with the extensions to blend them. Let down the top and front layers of hair for styling. Spray heat protectant spray onto the hair and use a straightener to straighten the hair, ensuring a perfect fusion.
You can achieve better results by trimming layers. Let an experienced hairstylist trim the ends of the extensions and add layers to achieve a seamless blend between the natural hair and the extensions, creating a flawless and natural appearance.
Alternatively, you can opt for a curly hairstyle, and a curling iron or Curling Headband would be great choices. Take a section of your own hair and a section of the extension hair together and curl them, as this helps to conceal any differences between the natural hair and the extensions, resulting in a more natural look where it's difficult to distinguish between the two.
trim hair & curling hair

2.Blending with Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

If you desire long-lasting hair extensions, they would be a great choice. Each strand of hair weighs approximately 0.8-1g, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear. The keratin glue at the top of the hair blends seamlessly with the hair color, and once heat fused, it appears even more natural and discreet, hardly noticeable. We have further upgraded U-tip to K-tip hair extensions, which allows for both heat fusion and cold fusion installation methods, providing more flexibility during installation. Therefore, when using Pre-bonded Hair Extensions, it is important to ensure that the keratin glue at the top matches the hair color.

3. Blending with hair weft extensions

Hair weft extensions are gentler on natural hair and have minimal impact. They can be installed through sewing, glueing, using clips, or micro rings. Virgin genius hair wefts and machine hair wefts can also be adjusted in length through cutting, allowing for a flexible and thickening effect. One technique for a more natural installation is to stack the wefts together, creating both volume and a natural, layered look.

4. Blending with clip-in extensions

Whether it's clip-ins, tape-ins, or micro loop hair extensions, if placed incorrectly, they can appear unnatural and the attachments can be easily visible. Therefore, it's important to be mindful of the danger zones on our heads, typically around the entire hairline, the sides of parting, and the space 1.5 inches behind the crown area. These areas should be avoided when installing the extensions. When wearing clip-ins, it's recommended to evenly distribute larger pieces throughout the back of the head to avoid concentration in one area, which can make them more noticeable.
tape hair extensions

Wash your hair extensions

It is crucial to choose appropriate care products when cleaning your hair extensions. Please make sure to check the ingredient list and avoid using products that contain the following ingredients: SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, denatured alcohol, ethanol, SD alcohol 40, propanol, isopropyl alcohol, and propyl. These ingredients can strip the natural oils from your hair, leading to dryness and increased tangling. Prolonged use can significantly impact the integrity of the hair and shorten the lifespan of the extensions. Expert tip: When showering, adjust the temperature to cold water and rinse your hair with cold water before finishing. This helps maintain a tight bond and close the hair cuticles.

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