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How to properly wear a hair topper to avoid overheating?

How to properly wear a hair topper to avoid overheating?

Hair topper is designed to cover areas of hair loss or thinning on the scalp, adding volume and coverage to the top and crown of the head, blending seamlessly with our natural hair to create an incredibly natural appearance. It is crucial in the daily lives of those experiencing hair loss or thinning due to aging, genetics, or other factors. However, wearing a human hairpiece can sometimes make us feel overheated, which can be particularly challenging as summer approaches. Therefore, when wearing a human hair topper, it is essential to be mindful of certain methods to avoid discomfort due to overheating.

Choosing the Right Hair Topper

1.Opt for a lightweight and breathable hair topper

To prevent overheating with hair toppers, it's advisable to select toppers made from lightweight, breathable materials to avoid heavy ones that tend to trap heat, causing discomfort. A good breathable base helps reduce the lack of moisture evaporation under the topper, preventing overheating. Avoid synthetic fiber materials as they have poor ventilation. The Mono base hair topper is renowned for its comfort and versatility, crafted from an extremely fine, transparent material, making it an excellent choice for summer wear!

The base of a mono base hair topper is made from thin breathable material, with each hair strand hand-tied onto a breathable and ventilated ultra-fine mesh. This base mimics the natural growth of hair, creating a natural appearance while allowing air circulation at the top, aiding in heat prevention. Even in hot summer days, the breathable lightweight structure of the topper ensures comfort. Compared to skin base products, mono base bases typically have a thinner structure, providing higher breathability and flexibility in styling options. If you are looking for a hair topper suitable for the summer,  Ugeat mono base hair topper may be the ideal choice.

lightweight and breathable hair topper

2.Select adjustable human hair toppers

Hair toppers with clips allow you to securely fasten them comfortably without exerting too much pressure on the scalp. This adjustable feature enhances airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. Our virgin human hair topper combines a mono base and an elastic mesh design, where mono enhances natural breathability, while the elastic mesh design allows for easy size adjustments, ensuring a more comfortable fit. Clip attachments—carefully placed 1-inch clips—provide secure and comfortable attachments for easy wear and removal.

3.Choose layered human hairpieces

An important aspect to consider when selecting hairpieces is the layering technique used in their construction. Layering can create a smoother transition between the topper and your existing hair, preventing any noticeable demarcation lines and ensuring seamless integration with your natural hair. Additionally, layered hairpieces help distribute weight evenly, and their layered design ensures a lightweight and breathable topper, making it more comfortable to wear during the summer.

4.Choose the right hair topper size

Finally, to avoid overheating, selecting the appropriate size of a hair topper is crucial. An oversized topper can make the head feel compressed with poor ventilation, while an undersized topper can constrict the head, impeding blood circulation and increasing the risk of overheating. Therefore, when making a purchase, it is essential to choose a hair topper size that fits your head to ensure comfort and ventilation.

When selecting a human hairpiece, determining the required coverage area is vital. Wearing a properly sized base ensures that your hairpiece looks natural and feels comfortable. To ascertain how much coverage area you need, first identify the area of hair loss—it may be localized, at the crown, along the hairline, or across the entire perimeter. Using a fabric tape measure, record the widest point of hair loss from front to back and from one side to the other. You can use a mirror or ask someone to assist you for the best results. Add an inch to each measurement to leave extra hair on each side for secure clip attachment. Ensure that the area where you intend to clip the hairpiece is healthy hair capable of supporting the weight of the hairpiece. If your crown and top are thin, a human hairpiece with a larger coverage area would be suitable. Here, we recommend our 13cm*13cm remy human hair topper and 6*7inch virgin human hair topper.

choose base of the hair topper

Design Your Hairstyle

Summer is a great time for designing hair topper styles! Opt for shorter human hair toppers such as pixies or short bobs. These styles do not touch the neck, helping you stay cool. Additionally, shorter hair toppers are lighter in weight, reducing pressure on the head and allowing for better ventilation.

Before wearing a hair topper, design your hairstyle with coolness and comfort in mind to promote airflow around the head and minimize heat retention. Choose styles like high buns, braids, or updos to keep the hair off your neck, allowing air to reach the scalp and keep you cool. This approach maximizes the benefits of wearing a hair topper while minimizing the risk of overheating.

It's also important to avoid wearing additional heat-retaining accessories on your hair topper, such as hats or scarves. If you need to wear such accessories, opt for lightweight, breathable options that allow for proper airflow.

Styles suitable for wearing hair toppers in summer

Avoid Prolonged Continuous Wear

When wearing a hair topper, consider the weather conditions. If it's particularly hot or if you're engaging in activities that may lead to excessive sweating, avoid wearing too much and wearing it for extended periods to prevent raising your body temperature and experiencing overheating. Prolonged continuous wear of a hair topper can prevent the scalp from breathing properly, exacerbating overheating. Therefore, it is recommended to take off the hair topper at appropriate times to let your head breathe and relax. You can choose to remove the hair topper indoors or when you don't need to be overly concerned about appearance to give your head a chance to breathe.

Adjust the Position of the Hair Topper

At times, the position of the hair topper can also affect the degree of overheating. If you feel your head getting too hot after wearing it for a long time, try adjusting the position of the hair topper to create some space for ventilation on the scalp. Avoid completely covering the head with the human hairpieces and make minor adjustments to make the head feel more comfortable.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Hair Toppers

wash a hair topper

Hair toppers can accumulate bacteria and dirt if not cleaned regularly, clogging the scalp and hair roots, affecting ventilation and airflow, leading to overheating. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of hair toppers are crucial. Follow the correct care techniques to wash the hair topper, use a gentle shampoo to clean it, let it air dry before wearing it again, which can also reduce the likelihood of overheating. When not wearing the hair topper, store it at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Additionally, dark colors absorb more heat than light colors, so choosing light-colored hair toppers in the summer can help us stay cool. Only when ensuring comfort can wearing a hair topper showcase its aesthetic and practical purposes, allowing us to confidently and comfortably go through each day. By following the above methods, you can wear your hair topper in the summer without overheating, ensuring greater comfort!


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