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genius weft

Answered All Your Questions About Genius Weft

Genius Weft Extensions

Genius Weft is the latest category of products to become popular in the wig market. Because it is the latest product to appear. So the developers were able to produce a perfect product based on the problems that arose during the use of other similar products. It can provide you with a beautiful, high-quality hair extension experience.



What is Genius Weft?


Genius Weft combines the advantages of Machine Weft, Flat Silk Weft, Hand-tied Weft. It's the thinnest, flattest, and most lightweight weft


The Advantage of Genius Weft?


⚡ Soft and Smooth: Genius Weft is made with 100% real human hair. The hair is made from healthy adults. And before becoming hair extensions. The hair is not dyed or styled at all. It is the highest quality human hair. 


⚡ 12-Month Lift Span: Genius Weft's original extensions are of the highest quality human hair. All hair can preserve the integrity of the hair scales. It helps the hair to lock in moisture. This prevents the hair from drying out and tangling. This effectively increases the life of the hair.


⚡ Can Be Cut: Since hand-tied hair has no way to be cut. Many customers do not understand this situation during use. After the hair is cut, there is no way to use it. To avoid this situation, Genius weft was created. You can cut as much or as little as you want.


⚡ No Return Hair. Think of Machine Hair Weft and Hand-tied Hair Weft, in order to make the hair to be well fixed, there will be some return hair out of the top of the hair. Genius Weft also avoids this phenomenon perfectly. It allows the user to be more comfortable when using it.


⚡ Extremely thin. Genius Weft is only 0.4-0.7 mm thick. This gives it an advantage that machine weft cannot match - the most natural look and the most comfortable installation experience. This is because it blends perfectly with your own hair, reducing the burden on the scalp. Because of its light weight, the wearer doesn't even feel its presence. Meanwhile, the wearer gets a good night's sleep!

genius weft extensions


The difference Between Genius Weft and other wefts?


⭐ Compared With Machine Weft: Genius Weft is thinner and more invisible. Genius weft also without return hair, which avoids tangles and makes it more comfortable for the wearer. 

the difference between genius weft and machine weft


⭐ Compared With Hand-tied Weft: Genius wefts are created with high precision. It can be cut anywhere and the hair can be completely retained. Each weft is very strong and prevents shedding

the difference between genius weft and hand-tied weft


⭐ Compared With Flat Silk Weft: The root of genius weft will be smaller in size and more invisible when used.

the difference between genius weft and flat weft


How to Apply Genius Weft Extensions?

Genius Weft, like other machine weft hair, can be installed in four ways. You can use micro beads, use clips, use tapes/glue, or sew directly to your own hair.

how to apply human hair weft

Can Genius Weft can be curled, dyed and bleached?

Genius weft hair extensions are higher quality virgin human hair extensions. Regarding dyeing and curling, I will give you a definite answer: YES.

About bleaching hair extensions, many sellers will say NO!!! We have the same answer.

Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that bleaching can be very damaging to hair extensions and can seriously shorten the life of hair extensions. That is why we do not recommend you to bleach your hair.


How to care Genius Weft?

Deep moisture treatments are advised to be used every now and then to retain moisture and health along with heat protector for every time it is heat styles.

Low protein, high moisture hair extension special products should be used only.

Heat protectant is a must as the hair will eventually get split ends due to the natural nature of the hair.

Please also remember, darker colors will generally last slightly longer and feel slightly different to colors that have had more lightening processing .

Semi colors should be used only and not high levels of developer. No bleaching is advised for the extensions.

Sunscreen and tanning products will discolor the extensions and it is advised to refrain from using, or use mineral products only while wearing them.

How many packs do I need?

If you just want to add a little more fullness and a little more length, 2 bundles (50 grams) is enough. If you want to add length and thickness, we would recommend 4-6 packs (100-150 grams), or 8 packs (200grams) if you are looking for extra thickness


At Last

Genius weft extensions have become one of the most popular hair categories. It combines all the advantages of HAIR WEFT. This will be your best choice. Buy it, you won't regret it!

If you have any questions about hair extensions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you with your questions!


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