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Can I Dye Hair Extensions? How to Dye My Hair Extensions at Home?

Can I Dye Hair Extensions? How to Dye My Hair Extensions at Home?

Can I Dye Hair Extensions?

When buying hair extensions, many people may have a question "Can I dye hair extensions?" For Ugeat, our answer is of course "Yes". So what kind of hair extensions can be dyed? What should be paid attention to when dyeing hair extensions?

In this blog, we will tell you what kind of hair extensions can be dyed and what to do when dyeing hair extensions. Hope, we will help you avoid some things that may go wrong, so as to better protect the quality of your hair.


Darker or Lighter?

First of all, what you need to understand is that ordinary hair extensions can only be dyed in darker colors, but not in lighter colors.

Almost all hair extensions are colored. This means that if you want to lighten them, you need to use bleach. Most hair extensions have undergone some aggressive processing, which means that their hair scales are already bad. If the hair is bleached, it will cause more damage to the hair.

However, we just talked about ordinary hair extensions above. Ugeat Hair now has hair extensions that can be bleached. He is Off Black Injection Tape in Extensions. High-quality hair extensions, we believe you will like them.


hair extensions in different colors

Real human hair extensions?

If you want to dye your hair deeper, then you need to know that only real human hair can be dyed. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed. Because synthetic hair is a synthetic fiber, essentially plastic. If you are not sure that your hair extensions are human hair or synthetic, you can perform the burning method for testing.

Take 1-2 hairs and burn them in the flame. When synthetic hair burns, the hair melts like plastic and binds into hard balls. And real human hair burns quickly and balls up into ash. In addition, when burning, synthetic hair will also produce the smell of plastic, which is also different from the burning smell of real human hair. (Please be careful. We recommend testing on a sink filled with water so that you can put burning hair in it once it captures the light.)

Can I dye hair extensions that they are already applied?

Please keep in mind that color hair extensions will be easier before installation. Because it is dyed after applying hair extensions will cause the dye to stick to your hair, your hair extensions could process more quickly and you could end up with a patchy, mismatched mess! (Your hair extensions could process more quickly and you could end up with A patchwork, mismatched mess)

hair extensions with pink color

What should I pay attention to when dyeing hair?

The most important thing to do for hair dyei

ng is to find a professional hairdresser (if you want to do it yourself, you need to prepare dyeing agents, bowls and brushes, gloves, tin foil, plastic wrap, broad-tooth comb, towels, etc.).

Tape In Hair

You’ll need to avoid the tape area though – the dye could damage the replacement tapes. And, because of this, you’ll also need to think about how many shades darker you go. If the attachment is more than a shade or two lighter than the hair, it’ll be a lot less discreet and might be visible, especially if your hair is fine.


Clip Ins and Hair Wefts

These types of hair extensions are probably the easiest to color but again, follow the advice given for tape ins. Also, if you tint over the top part of your weft extensions, any glue holding the stitches together could be broken down and your hair extensions might shed. If you’re dying hand-tied weft hair extensions be super careful not to get tint on the knotted area. Hand-tied wefts are a lot more delicate than machine wefts, and will almost certainly be ruined if you tint over the knots.


Keratin Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

It’s really important that you don’t get tint on the bonded area of your hair extensions – it’ll break the keratin down and cause shedding. The extensions are a lot less durable for the first 4 weeks or so after applying. If you get tint on them during this time, they will completely break down and your hair extensions will be ruined.


dye my hair extensions at home

How to dye hair extensions?

Step1: Organize Your Workspace and Mix Color

If possible, set up your supplies on a large counter or table space with plenty of room to work comfortably. The room should be both warm and well-lit. Spread sheets of tin foil across your work area to prevent staining your workspace from the color.

Following the manufacturer's directions, prepare your color. Most color is made by mixing equal parts color and developer. You'll need prepared colors for your extensions depending on the length. You don't have to wash them prior to coloring, but you need to comb them through to remove tangles. Then, lay them across the tin foil. Let them dry—don't color your hair extensions while they're wet, or even damp.


Step2: Apply the Color

Using gloved hands and a color brush, completely saturate each section of your hair extensions with the color solution. Be sure that the color completely coats both sides of your extensions, from their tops to the very ends. There's no room for error here, and it's far better to use too much color, rather than not enough. Start at the top of the extension moving downward to the ends, following the natural fall of the hair. Applying the color upwards could damage your extensions, and will absolutely leave them frizzy and disheveled.


how to dye my hair extensions at home

Step3: Process the Color

After you've applied color to each section of your extensions, loosely cover them with plastic wrap to prevent the color from drying out before it soaks in. Allow the color to process at standard room temperature for the amount of time specified in the manufacturer's directions—typically anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.

Check a small section of the hair extensions every five to 10 minutes during the processing time by gently rubbing the color of the extension with a paper towel. Reapply the color with your color brush after checking, and remember that hair color when wet appears darker than it does when dry. When the processing is = complete and the color of your extensions is completely satisfactory (don't rush it), it's time to rinse out the hair. Fold your tin foil in half for simple transportation over to a sink.


Step4: Rinse

Rinse the color from your extensions using cool (not cold) water at low pressure, using your fingers to gently work the excess dye out. It's important that you allow the water to flow in the direction that the hair naturally falls. A truly thorough rinsing should take an absolute minimum of 15–20 minutes. Make sure you remove all the color; if you're not sure, keep rinsing. Follow up by shampooing your extensions with a mild, sulfate-free, moisturizing, or color-safe shampoo. You don't want to dull the extensions down before you can wear them!


Step5: Comb and Allow to Dry

After you're sure that your extensions are rinsed completely, lay a towel down on your workspace. Apply a leave-in conditioner to each section of your extensions and comb them gently with your wide-toothed comb. Finally, allow the extensions to air-dry thoroughly (don't use a blow-drier) before using or styling them, particularly if you use any kind of heat tool.

blonde balayage human hair extensions

After reading this article, you probably know how to dye hair extensions. However, we still want to remind you that if you do not have enough confidence in yourself, please look for a professional hairdresser. Hope this article can help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve them.


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