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What is flat silk weft hair extension?

What is Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions?

Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions

When we are choosing HAIR extensions, we may be struggling with which category to choose. To reduce your consideration time. Here we will recommend you the very popular flat silk weft hair extensions. Flat silk weft hair is designed to avoid hair loss problems, and the manufacturer has added double pins to make it stronger. In other words, the hair is a weft that is sealed by an ultra-thin silk base.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Before we look at flat silk weft hair, we need to look at virgin hair. Virgin hair extensions are higher quality hair extensions. Compare this to Remy human hair extensions, which are made from a different donor. The hair scales are arranged in a different direction. They require acid and alkaline treatment during the production process, so the hair extensions receive more damage. Therefore the hair lasts for about 3 months.

Virgin hair extensions, however, are hair cut directly from healthy adult heads and are high quality hair that has not been curled or dyed. The scales of the hair are in the same direction, so only simple processing is required during the production process. They are able to retain more than 90% of the hair scales. The moisture of the hair is better retained. Therefore virgin human hair can be used for a longer period of time (usually more than 8 months).

What is flat silk weft hair extensions?

Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions is a weft that is sealed by an ultra-thin silk base, a thinner form of regular weft extensions. It currently works by folding the hair over the top to hold the hair in the weft-style extension. The weft is topped with a shiny latex band that helps to lay flat on the head. It will be very comfortable and flexible when installed and has no prickly edges. The silk flat weft has no short hairs at the top, making it ideal for those who like perfection.


The benefits of flat silk weft hair?

The benefits of flat silk wet hair? Ultra-Thin: Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions are sealed by an ultra-thin silk base. The extension is quite thinner than the machine and hand-tied wefts.

No Short Hair: Compared to other types of weft hair, Flat silk weft appears with no return hair at the top. (Machine weft is about 1-inch short hair, hand-tied weft is about 1.5 inches).

Can be Cut to Any Length: Flat weft hair extensions can be cut to any length. You don’t need to worry about hair shedding

More Invisible and Comfortable: silk wet hair is very thin. Helps to lay flat on top of your head, is very comfortable and hides perfectly under your natural hair.

Use More Time: Silk Weft is higher quality virgin hair. Hair maintains relatively intact cuticles. This allows flat wet hair to last longer. Great for fine hair: Flat weft hair is light weight and extremely flat to the scalp. Can be better hidden under natural hair.


How to distinguish flat silk weft and other weft?

It can usually be distinguished by some signs below.

Return Short Hair: Other wefts, such as machine weft or hand-tied hair weft. It will appear with short hair on the top. (For example, Machine weft is about 0.8 - 1 inch short hair, hand-tied weft is about 1 - 1.5 inches)

The Thickness of the Hair Weft: Flat silk weft is ultra-thin which is 30% thinner than the machine wefts. They are extremely flat and thin. It will be more seamless and invisible to use.

The Weft: For flat silk weft, there is a shiny latex band attached to the top of the weft. While machine wefts look a bit bulky.
flat silk weft hair extensions

How to Apply Flat weft hair extensions?

Flat Silk Weft, like other machine weft hair, can be installed in four ways. You can use micro beads, use clips, use tapes/glue, or sew directly to your own hair.

how to apply human hair weft

Can flat silk weft hair extensions be curled, dyed and bleached?

Flat silk weft hair extensions are higher quality virgin human hair extensions. Regarding dyeing and curling, I will give you a definite answer: YES.

About bleaching hair extensions, many sellers will say NO!!! We have the same answer. But we now have a product that can be bleached - natural black injection tape in extensions is bleachable. It is hair cut directly from the braid, the color of the hair is the most original color, the production process of this color of hair will not enter any chemical treatment. It can be bleached just like the hair that grows naturally on our heads.

Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that bleaching can be very damaging to hair extensions and can seriously shorten the life of hair extensions. That is why we do not recommend you to bleach your hair.


How to care flat weft hair extensions?

Deep moisture treatments are advised to be used every now and then to retain moisture and health along with heat protector for every time it is heat styles.

Low protein, high moisture hair extension special products should be used only.

Heat protectant is a must as the hair will eventually get split ends due to the natural nature of the hair.

Please also remember, darker colours will generally last slightly longer and feel slightly different to colours that have had more lightening processing .

Semi colours should be used only and not high levels of developer. No bleaching is advised for the extensions.

Sunscreen and tanning products will discolour the extensions and it is advised to refrain from using, or use mineral products only while wearing them.


How long will the hair last?

Flat silk weft hair extensions typically last between 8-12 months.

The lifespan of hair extensions depends a lot on how they are worn, how they are colored, how they are styled and the color they were originally installed in.

Installation with small clips is very easy because of the way they are installed and worn. They can be removed from the hair at non-essential times (while sleeping). So it will be used for a longer time as well. Dyeing and heat styling too often can also cause some damage to the hair and will reduce the length of time it can be used. In addition, the darker the hair color, the longer it will take to use.


How many packs do I need?

If you just want to add a little more fullness and a little more length, 1 pack (50 grams) is enough. If you want to add length and thickness, we would recommend 2-3 packs (100-150 grams), or 4 packs (200grams) if you are looking for extra thickness


At Last

Flat silk weft extensions have become one of the most popular hair categories. It is thinner and more invisible compared to machine weft. It gives a more natural look. If you are a perfectionist, we would like you to recommend flat silk weft hair extensions.

If you have any questions about hair extensions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you with your questions!


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