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[Virgin+] Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions Real Virgin Hair Bundles Jet Black #1

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The highest quality virgin hair extension


What is Virgin+ Flat Silk Weft Hair


Virgin+ Flat Silk Weft is a weft sealed by a super-thin piece of silk base. It currently works by folding the hair over at the top to hold the hair into the weft-style extension.Virgin+ Flat Silk Weft can be cut track weft into any width. The highest quality hair and various methods of use make Virgin+ Flat Silk Weft very popular!

Detail about Virgin+ Flat Silk Weft

Hair Material: Virgin+ Human Hair, from 1 donor.
Hair Length:14" 16" 18" 20"22"
Hair Life: 12-16 months
Hair Weight: 50gram (150-200g can make full head)


Why Virgin+ Flat Slik Weft?

why  flat silke weft is so popular

virgin flat silk weft hair extension blonde hair

Can Virgin Flat Silk Weft be cut by yourself

What is the difference between Virgin hair and Virgin+ hair?

best quality virgin human hair extensions

The source of Virgin+:

All Virgin+ hair is directly obtained from healthy human heads, and from 1 Donor. Unlike those naturally shed hairs, naturally shed hair has lost the ability to absorb nutrients and will lose its elasticity more easily. The raw materials for real Virgin+ hair are all They are obtained when the hair still has the ability to absorb nutrients, and they are truly "living" hair.

just come from one donor

The lifespan of Virgin+ Hair:

Virgin+ hair is the best product among all the hair extensions, it is more precious and expensive. the cuticle is still intact and all the hair is running in the same direction from root to tip. Virgin+ hair is going to be some of the most expensive hair that you can buy but it lasts longer than any other type of hair extension.

virgin hair can be used more than 1 year

The production of Virgin+ requires sophisticated technical processes, and even each process has a strict processing time, and the upper and lower error time of the process is controlled within 3s. Not all factories can produce Virgin+ hair.

Special protection of hair scales:

We provide special protection for the cuticles, just like the raincoats we wear when it rains, to ensure that 100% of the scales are not damaged, which makes them even the same as their own hair.

full cuticle virgin hair

Strict quality inspection process:

Ugeat has a dedicated quality inspection team, they are the last process that Virgin+ entered our field of vision.

  • Testing of Tangle and Shedding

Each group of hair was tested for tangle ability, virgin+ hair performed well, in the case of the same rub, Virgin+ hair is Tangle Free & Shedding Free.

  • Length

    For the length control, we have three different scalar sizes to make sure that the hair size you receive meets the standard.

    • Amplitude

    Just as our own hair cannot all be the same length, in order to maintain the overall naturalness of the hair, we have carefully measured and compared the amplitude of the hair to ensure that the hair used by the customer is the most natural.

    • Manual screening

    The last step is to treat each of the hairs to make sure that there are no short hairs and any miscellaneous streaks.

    how virgin+ produce


    When the final product score is A+, we will rest assured that it is handed over to the customer. And that's why he called virgin+ hair.

    How remain smooth and tangle-free?

    Common hair extension problewm and how to fix it

    Purchasing sulfate-free and alcohol-free products is a necessity. These ingredients strip the hair of its natural oils and will affect its integrity. This, in turn, makes the hair drier and more prone to tangling or matting. The current shampoos on the market are acidic, neutral, and weakly alkaline. We recommend neutral shampoos, which will cause the least damage to the hair.

    Look for ingredients that add moisture to the hair-like argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and so on. Proper hair care products will reduce tangles and be easier to handle.

    Additionally, using a high temperature when heat styling runs the risk of damaging the hair which can then cause breakage and shedding. This is why we recommend only use a low heat setting of 160°C. While our own hair may be able to handle a high heat setting, our hair is also constantly getting revitalized from the scalp, whereas hair extensions don't receive the same amount of nutrients or oil in order to look silky and shiny.

    Try the highest quality hair, you deserve the best.