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How Hair Extensions Work and Why They're So Popular With Women?

Real Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions are already very popular. Who doesn't want to get the perfect look? People often associate long, thick hair with youth and beauty. The amazing fact is that if you have thin hair, you can get any look without damaging your natural mane.

Hair Extensions are an important presence for beauty-conscious women. The look of long, thick hair can all be attributed to the magic of human hair extensions! Whether it's a simple hairstyle or a trendy hair color, it can satisfy your hair obsession.

So, are you scratching your head wondering how hair extensions work? Are you wondering which type of hair extension is right for you? Because there are so many types of hair extensions, there is no one type that is right for everyone. Next, we'll show you how the different types of hair extensions work.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Normal Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions is the most popular type. It works by attaching hair extensions to the hair with double-sided tape. Tape in hair extensions is semi-permanent. To complete the installation perfectly. It is best to make an appointment with a stylist for installation. It can be readjusted according to the growth rate of your hair (usually 4-6 weeks) by replacing the tapes. Tape in hair needs to be removed with a professional remover or alcohol.

The reason why tape in hair is popular is that the single piece of tape ins is very light and thin. So it is very invisible to use. It can be perfectly hidden under the natural head.


tape in hair extensions


Injection tape in hair extensions

Injection tape in hair extensions is a product obtained by upgrading the production technology of normal tape in extensions. It works the same as normal tape ins. It simulates a human scalp. The seamless injection tape in hair extensions is produced by the injection technique, in which individual hairs are injected into the PU weft of the tape. Therefore it does not have short hair on the top. More invisible and seamless.

The reason why Injection Tape in hair is popular is that it is more invisible and seamless. It looks like hair growing from our scalp.


inject tape in extensions


Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions is also a very popular category. It works by attaching to natural hair through small clips. To increase hair length and volume. Clip in hair extensions installation and removal process is very simple and can usually be installed in five minutes. It is a temporary product. It needs to be removed at night when going to bed. You can use it when you need it and store it when you don't.

Clip in hair has hairpieces of different widths. You can choose according to your needs when you use it. It's very easy to install and remove. So clip ins can be used longer than other hair extensions of the same quality. This is also the reason why clip ins are very popular.


clip in extensions


Sew in Hair Extensions

Sew in hair extensions are the fastest-growing category of customer favorites. It originally worked by sewing hair extensions directly into the hair. Experienced stylists will cut the weft into the right pieces to better suit their needs. As users continue to research, hair wefts can also be installed through tapes, clips, and micro beads. It also needs to be adjusted according to the growth rate of the hair.

Human Hair Weft is loved by more women because it can be installed in many ways. Another reason is that it is cheaper. With a pack of hair extensions of the same weight, the price of hair weft is cheaper.


human hair weft


Hair Weft has two special categories. PU Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions and Hand-Tied Weft Hair Extensions.

Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions

Flat Silk Weft Weft is made of ultra-thin PU. It works the same as sew in hair extensions.

Flat silk wet hair extensions are also popular. Compared to regular hair weft, flat silk weft hair is more invisible. Flat Silk weft has no short hair on the top of the weft so it is ideal for those who love perfectness.


flat slick weft hair extensions


Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions refers to the way the hair is hand-knotted onto the seam on the weft, this process is purely handmade. Each weft is very strong, they are less bulky and less visible. Hand-made wefts lay flat against your scalp and are lightweight without stressing your hair. It is perfect for women with thinning hair.

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions are popular because each bundle is very light and thin. It will not oppress your natural hair.


hand-tied weft hair extensions


Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Hair is a combination of fish wine and clips. You can hide the wire on top of your head by covering it with your natural hair. It is a temporary product. You only need 1 minute to complete it.

The reason why Flip in hair extensions is popular is that it is very easy to install. And the hair is very invisible. You can get long and thick hair in only one minute.


halo hair weft


At Last

Wearing hair extensions will help give you a beautiful, natural looking mane. They help women all over the world feel their most comfortable and confident, and that, at the end of the day is the only reason anyone should choose to wear them.


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